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downhearted today

after my high of losing 5lbs in 5 days, i feel really bloated and sluggish today, i had a couple of parties plus a carvery meal over the weekend and whilst i tried my best to eat well i did go a few points over:break_diet: just hope i havent undone the good work. official weigh in on wednesday, so fingers crossed

so what i wondered is after the initial loss in the 1st few weeks, do u do anything different to keep the weightloss up, im thinking surely if i keep eating the same as i am now i'll have a loss then stay at the same weight?
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Hi Donna you could perhaps do some exercise to balance out the extra points you ate over the weekend. I cant really comment on how to keep the weight loss up as i have steadily lost 1-2 pound every week. However, my friend who i attend class with lost 7 pound in her first week, she did the same the next week and lost 2 pound. I know people usually tend to lost more in their first week. But just remember a loss is better than a gain so don't get dis-heartened if you don't lose as much as you wanted too. xx
thanks catherine

i really badly sprained my ankle a few weeks ago and its still really sore and i have a bad limp so exercise is out the window at the minute, gutted cos i would love to go walking

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Best of luck with your weigh in today. I hope it goes well for you. I had a similar weekend and am dreading the weigh in today.
thanks dia, i shouldnt have worried weight in went well i lost 5lb, hope u get a good loss too

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Lost a pound. Really didn't think I had done that well.

Congrats on your brilliant weight loss.
Well done! Another 5lb even with an injury and some naughty treats. Just proves how well you are sticking to plan the rest of the time.
Keep it up and you'll be up and enjoying walks in no time!
Hope you're not in too much pain and you are on mend.

well done hun...see you had nothing to worry about . Congrats keep it up. x
Hi super well done on your loss
I lost
6lbs my first week
2lbs 2nd week
2lbs 3rd week
1.5lbs 4th week
I did no exercise in the first 4 weeks as I wanted to get into the plan,then I started to exercise and have ever since.
Heres to week 2,I go to carverys ,I save points and make sensible choices so we can enjoy what everyone else has :) xx

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