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Dreamaholic's diary - 20 pounds to go!

It's my 5th week... had my weigh-in on Monday, after losing 4.5 pounds over the last few weeks, I'm gained 1.5 pounds... :cry: I think it's the dining out that's causing the gain as I'm usually pretty good during the week. (or it could be because it's almost "time of the month", as my consultant said that could increase my water retention)

I'll try to keep a diary on minimins as well as filling in those paper food diary for my consultant.

week 5


cod + salmon + courgette + mushroom bake

chicken slices + cousous + roasted veg salad + fresh pineapples

alpen light bars (HeB), mixed melon + grape fruit salad

chicken + cucumber salad with a ginger + garlic dressing, rice.

syn: 2.5 (1 biscuit)


mixed berries + activia yogurt (3 syn --- unfortunately I only noticed they're not fat free after I've bought them!)
bacon + broccoli bake

mullerlight yogurt

itsu seared salmon salad (with lots of salad leaves and beans, and a soft boiled egg)

alpen light bars (HeB), activia fat free yogurt + blackberries

Japanese style chicken + egg + onion with rice

syn: 2.5 (biscuit) x 2 + 3 (non fat free yogurt) = 8
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Onwards and downwards!
Don't worry too much about the gain hun, as your C said its probably water retention. When eating out you have to be careful of all those sneaky syns, even in something you think is the healthy option, like oil and stuff. Your food diary looks good so far, just one thing I noticed, are you having your HeA? I can see the B.
Well spotted Emily. I occasionally eat the low fat laughing cow triangles as snacks (but just 1-2 and not 6!) but i don't have HeA regularly, I hope the yogurt I'm having gives me enough calcium.

How's your weigh in?


Onwards and downwards!
Don't think I could eat 6 triangles on their own either! lol. Yogurt is good and yummy :)

Haven't weighed yet, class is at 5.30, eek! Will let you know how I get on.
Week 5

blackberries + activia fat free yogurt
small portion of bolognese pasta, which is basically pasta, minced beef, mushroom and onion
(pasta for brekkie coz I was making my lunch box!)


bolognese pasta, (pasta, minced beef, mushroom and onion)

alpen light bars (HeB), mullerlight yogurt, apple (I've eaten sooo many apples today!)

bolognese pasta, (pasta, minced beef, mushroom and onion)
miso soup with Chinese leaves and tofu

syn: 1.5 syn (miso)

I'll be in all day meeting tomorrow, with sandwich / oily nibble buffet lunch. No idea how to get by tomorrow! Will make sure I have a bag of apples with me... but apart from that, what's the least syn-ful? (there's no fridge so I can't really bring a lunch box... also, it'd look rather strange if everyone else munch on sandwiches while I munch on my lunch box) HELP!

that's to be followed by a team outing... going to a bowling lane, with fish and chips / other deep fat fried stuff. how can I sneak out to grab something healthy to line my stomach?
Week 5

It's been a really tiring day, so after the team meeting I decided not to go bowling. (I'm never a big fan of bowling anyway!) Also, by not going I'm probably consuming less syns too, as there will be drinks as well as fish and chips (was planning to eat the fish without the batter), but I'd rather not tempt myself!!

Actually it hasn't been too tricky today!! Thanks Michelle for the tips

I was going to do a RED day, but actually it looks like my day can be counted as EE as well as I really haven't had too many healthy extras, and I've been eating lots of fruit!! (I had 4 apples and 4 bananas in my handbag today, had half of them!)

Breakfast: bacon + broccoli bake

Snack: apple + banana + alpen light (50% of HeB)

3 chicken skewers (didn't look too fattening!)
2 small thai-style fish cakes (again didn't taste too oily / don't think there's a huge amount of flour there)
a small cheese and ham sandwich (altogether made up of half a slice of brown bread, possibly some butter in the sandwich. I suppose cheese can be counted as HeA, and half a piece of bread is 50% of HeB)

pre dinner snack:
strawberries + banana + activia fat free yogurt
small portion of bacon + broccoli bake (I was hungry and hubby's not back from work yet!)

planning to have some chicken with rice, plus some veg <--- that's why I wanted this to be EE rather than Red... as rice has to be counted as syn if I do Red :p

syn: possibly some in the chicken skewers, thai fish cakes and the sandwich, but again I don't know how much syn exactly is this. my guess is that it won't be more than 5 syns altogether, what do you think?
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Week 5

Breakfast: bacon + broccoli bake (with some some cheese sprinkled on top - HeA)

Snack: apple + banana + alpen light (50% of HeB)

chicken + tomato + onion + mushroom pasta

strawberries + banana + activia fat free yogurt + alpen light (50% of HeB)

beef + egg + spring onion + broccoli + rice

syn: 0!!! :D


Breakfast: bacon + broccoli bake (with some some cheese sprinkled on top - HeA)

Lunch: sushi, spinach salad, tofu

Snack: Banoffi Pie <- no idea how many syns, say 15?? (on the book it says 5 syns per 28g, there's some superfree banana in it.... say the rest add up to around 80g? not too bad a guess?)

Dinner: onion + beef omelette, apples

syn: 15 (?) from the lovely banoffi pie...


Onwards and downwards!
Hi hun, looks like you've had a good week, fingers crossed for a great loss tomorrow! :D
Hehe, you made me laugh re the super free banana in your banoffee pie, sounds lovely - and the is always a bright side! Good luck for this week x
weigh in later - let's hope I've lost some pounds, and hope the banoffi pie hasn't done too much damage.

I play wii-fit throughout the week, and according to that I've lost some!


Onwards and downwards!
Got everything crossed for you hun, cant wait to hear how much you've lost! You have been so good with your syns the rest of the week, I don't think the banoffee pie will affect it :)
Thanks for your kind wishes, Louise and Emily. I've lost 2.5 pounds :) :) :)


Onwards and downwards!
Wahooo!! Super duper loss well done!! Go get that half stone next week :D
Thanks :) Really pleased with my 2.5 pounds loss this week!

actually... thinking about it in more details, I GAINED 1.5 pounds the week before, so really this is 1 pound loss over the last 2 weeks... so maybe not as good as it sounds... but at least I'm 5.5 pounds lighter than I did 6 weeks ago! I still have around 21 pounds to lose, meaning I've lost 20% of what I wanted to lose! 80% to go!!!

Food diary:

Week 5 Sunday - EE

Breakfast: bacon + broccoli bake (with some some cheese sprinkled on top - HeA)

Lunch: sushi, seaweed, miso soup

Snacks: apples

Dinner: potato wedges (2 tablespoon olive oil for the whole lot, ate a quarter, so roughly 0.5 tablespoon which is 3 syns) , chicken + cucumber salad, melon with parma

syn: miso soup (1.5 syns) + olive oil (3 syns)

Week 6 Monday - Green

It's my first Green day!!!

Breakfast: blackberries + strawberries + yogurt, Alpen light bar

Snack: apple

Lunch: Vietnamese beef noodle soup <---- yum!! (lots of noodles, not very much thinly sliced beef, hence perfect for a Green day!)
Homemade lemonade

Snack: apple (it's the most handy snack!) + Alpen light bar

Dinner: potato wedges, pasta noodle soup (made with chicken stock)

syn: lemonade = ??
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Week 6 Tuesday - EE

Breakfast: blackberries + strawberries + yogurt

Snack: melon + grapes

Lunch: M&S count on us spag bo (6 syns)

Snack: apple + banana

Dinner: bacon + broccoli bake, pasta noodle soup (made with chicken stock, peas and ham), melon + parma ham

syn: 6

I'm so glad that the M&S spag bo ready meal is only 6 syns, which means I can have that as my lunch, with some fruits / veg at the side.

Looks like I'm losing around 1 pound per week, does not sound great, but if you think about it, each month I lose 4 pounds, i'd lose 20 pounds in 5 months! Which isn't that bad, really!!
I agree, M+S do some good food that is synned reasonably low. I have there chicken and white wine (2.5 syns each breast), or chicken provencal (approx the same, check online) and also the Eat Well Layered Prawn salad with pasta is 3.5 syns if you need a lunch on the run xx
I must make a note of all these healthy but convenient food you suggested above :D as I'm not really a packed lunch person... :rolleyes:

and... yes, 1 pound lighter each week may seem slow, but every little helps!! it'll get us to where we want to be with time...

Week 6 Wednesday - EE

Breakfast: fish + pepper + potato bake

Lunch: Itsu Salmon Supreme sushi set (3 syns for sunflower / sesame seeds as well as salad dressing <--- this is an estimate as I have no idea how many syns there are!!)

Snack: apple + banana, blackberries, weetabix + milk (HeA + HeB)

Dinner: oyako don (lots of onions + chicken pieces + egg + rice)

Dessert: Nestle yogurt with Kit Kat pieces (1.5 syns)
pocky strawberry sticks x 2 (1.5 syns)

syn: 6


Onwards and downwards!
Exactly, every little helps and its all going in the right direction. We just have to be patient :D I personally think that if it takes a bit longer to lose then we will be more likely to keep the weight off because we have changed our lifestyles/eating habits permanently to make it happen. People who lose weight quickly might be more likely to gain the weight back again because they have just been 'temporarily dieting' and not addressing any bad eating habits they may have. Slimming world is for life, and I love it!

Oh, I discovered Sushi today! Never had it before because I think I just thought it was all just raw fish and fish eggs with a bit of rice, lol. But it was sooo yummy, and syns are so low for it! I have to add I was inspired to try it from reading your food diary, as you seem to like it, so knew it had to be good, hehe :D

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