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Dress Decision Day

For those of you who don't know (and there can't be many cos I keep banging on about it!) I am being a bridesmaid in October (for the first time!) and I am excited about it!

Anyway...I have two dresses from Coast. One is a 12 and the other a 14. When we chose the dresses, the 14 fitted nicely and the 12 was slightly too tight.

Tomorrow is the deadline for returning the dress and I'm going to the Trafford Centre tonight - so the choices are:
  1. The Sensible Option: I take both dresses back, return them and re-purchase so I've got another 28 days to see if I can fit into the 12.
  2. The Brave Option: Take the 14 back because by October I will be a 12, no question!
  3. The Scaredy Cat Option:Take the 12 back because what if I don't lose much more weight before October? And if I do, I could always have the 14 altered.
Aaargh! I am quite in the zone at the moment and am feeling quite brave, so might take the option 2...

But...what if I can't fit into the 12 by October?!?! *panics*
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OPTION 2!!! Go for it. October is quite a way away yet and lets face it, knowing that you have to get into that dress will make you do it rather than look like a tit at the wedding in a half zipped dress :eek:

If it helps, I'll nag the hell out of you ina drill sargeant fashion until October!? lol :D

K xx
Heeeheeee! But I'm scared!!

Yes, if you could shout at me loads that would be great thank you!

The 12 already does up, but it's just quite tight all over. I will try it on again tonight before making my final, final choice. I am Miss indecisive!


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Yep, I agree with Kerry - go for option 2 Hellie!

You've got ages yet and "slightly too tight" is probably only 7lbs so you can do it - no bother!!

ps i've never been a bridesmaid ever :-( sooooooooo jealous!
I thought I never would be. 31 and most friends already married...no chance. But I am! Yay!

I worked out I've got 18 weeks, but have one wedding and two hen parties to manage in that time....

I'm borderline 12 now....so....shall I take back the 14?!?!?! *bites nails*

I will probably bottle it at the last minute knowing me!

Yeah Kerry - I could have the 14 altered...but I think I'm going to try to be brave!


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Tee hee, just kidding! Go for option 1 chick, rebuy the size 12 and then see how it is in 28 days and then buy it again etc etc...
Hey, you never know, it might be in the sale soon too!!
I personally would go for option 1, because I know when I set time limits etc... it becomes a pressure for me and throws me off plan. Your not saying you won't be a 12, just buying yourself some extra time.
oooooh yr my inspiration what the feelin would be like 2 be in a size 12!!!! keep the 12 girl u can do it, sending my huggs( put ya mind to it you can achieve this hunny!!)
laura xx


Trying again!!!
What did you end up doing Hellie? I would have said keep the 12 as it would be a great incentive to keep on track. I love the stuff from Coast, it is so classy xx
What did you do Hellie? i was wavering betwenn option 1 and 2, but i would have probably gone for option 2 for you (if i was doing it myself i'd have gone option 1 though lol)
I would go for the 12 !!!!

Look in my album I bought a dress in a 14 when on cd and it really MADE me stick to the diet and in the end had to get it taken in yey

I also have a 12 dress for October (from ebay) which is now my next aim to fit into heehee

I was bridemaid last year for my sister and felt huge :-( only wish I had the will power like I do now last year.

I love coast what's your dress like?
Well, as I thought I bottled it!

I took both dresses back and re-bought them so I've got another 28 days to get more comfortable in the 12.

I tried both on for OH. 14 looked good but slightly too big. 12 was a better fit according to himself, but it was tight, so he would say that! LOL! It still squished my boobs a bit, which isn't overly flattering. It fitted much better over my hips, but showed my belly off more.

Anyway...that's more detail than you need to know! LOL! Sorry. But the upshot is...I've got another 28 days to decide :)


Is so very nearly there!
I cant believe you re bought them.. You could have so gone with option 2!

Oh well good luck huni
Oh Hellie, are we going to go through this in 28 days again? lol

I'll still be shouting "the size 12"!! :D

You must make this seriously motivate you now! What an incentive :D

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