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Dress sizes...

I find it hard to tell because the bigger I get I wear more and more elasticated waists and loose tops to try and hide the awful truth of how big I am getting to myself.
Sorry I can't be more helpful x


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There were a few threads like this a couple of weeks ago

I started a 16/18 at 17 stone so carry my weight reasonably well and at 13 stone 12 I am a 14 so it takes me a lot of weight loss to lose a dress size.

I always found it infuriating reading about celebrities who lose 8lbs and 2 dress sizes, lol!
I started the same thread a few weeks ago.

My heaviest was 18:4, and I was in 20/22 tops, trousers a whole different kettle of fish, they ranged between 18-24 depending on the style and where from.

I'm now 16:13, I haven't been shopping cos majority of my tops have shrunk in the wash over time lol. My size 18trousers I can get on without undoing them, and have to pull them up regularly, but I know a 16 wouldnt fit me now, maybe as I lose a few more lbs in the 16's I'll be able to fit into them.

I carry my weight around my belly, I always have, so tops are different for me. Every1 is different. If I could fit into say a size 16 top and feel comfortable then I'd say I was a 16. I think it's about what size is comfortable for you, does the waist band cut in, can you sit down without feeling like your being sliced in half.

I remember being between 10-12st 5yrs ago wearing 10/12. My goal is to feel comfortable in a size 14 but my weight goal is 11:4, so I could be a 12, only time will tell!


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Iv been a size 16-18 on top for agees!! From 19.4st down to 17st! And I'm a size 20 on bottom, although my size 20 jeans are getting abit big but no way small enough to get into 18s yet! And I'm 18st3 ATM. I started diet at 23stone and was a size 26-28 on bottom and a 22-24 on top, so I'm always going to be smaller on top o reckon lol
I think it ranges from about a stone to about a stone and a half for me.
I was in size 22 bottoms when I was 17'9 stone!
I remember being in size 18 bottoms around 15-16 stone..ish i think (?)
So I guess with me its about stone and half per size?
11 stone in size 10 bottoms x
Thanks girls! I too think that i carry my weight quite well, im 14stone 8 and 14 top and 16 bottom.
I have loads of 14 and 12 jeans (mostly new, that ive never fitted into) and i just cant wait to fit in them without a not so lovely muffin top :) Im hoping maybe 11stone 7(12ish weeks)


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2 stone for me :(

Seems to take forever!


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I dint understand how some people at 18 stone were a size 18..... Isn't it weird?
When I was 14.7 I was a 22 top and 18/20 bottom,
I'm now almost 14 bottom and a 16 top at 12.1
I think if I ever want to be a 10, is have to be at least 9 stone...... I will never be that weight...... Ever


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Before LL i was 19st 3lbs and size 26 up and 24 down and now am 17.7 and a size 20 up and 18 down. It took me 2st to drop a size


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Hi Ladies --

It really does depend on your shape and the style and cut of the clothing. But, the rule of thumb is about a stone a "dress size" -- I think this is because dresses are more "forgiving".

For example - I carry my weight low (big @ss and thighs), and I gain from the bottom up and lose from the top down. So, I am wearing size 10/12 tops and size 14 (and they are snug) bottoms at 11st 8 and 5'4".


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