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Dress Sizes

I was in a size 20 when I started (16st 1lb) and am now in a size 16 (12st 6lb) they are starting to get a little lose now.


Back on the wagon
I was a 24 top & 22 bottom when I started (verging on the next size up) and was 17 stone 1lb. I am now 12 stone 10lb (as of last sunday) and a size 14 top & bottom.

I think a lot depends on shape etc...
Good luck
I started a size 22 (16st 11lbs) and i'm now a size 12 (11st). It seemed to take a long time to drop a dress size when I was bigger but are now going down faster.


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I am a size 18 at 13 stone 2 lb (started at 13. 8 size 18 as well). Thinking it will probably take a stone at least to get "squeezed" into a smaller size. A few years ago at around 14stone I was a 20.
I'm 16 bottom and 14 top at the moment.

Started at 18 bottom and 16 top.

2 stone 2 lb's down and only down one dress size! :cry:

I think it'll be another long while before i'm down again as last time i was 12 top 14 bottom i was 11st7! So 2.5 stone away!!!


It must be to do with frame size as I have broad shoulders etc i guess.............


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Hiya Hun,

I started the diet at 15.5 & a size 18-20 :cry::cry:

Last WI I was 12.13 & manages to fit into a size 14.. :D:D
I started at a size 26 (squeezing into them!) and my start weight was 24 stone 6.5lb (am 5' 7.5") have lost just over 2 stone and now just about in a 24. Seems like it's gonna be forever before I am under a 20!
I used to be a size 26 at biggest 17 st 12 - now 11 2 and am wearing a 10 to 12 top and 14 bottoms - I agree about a stone to a stone and a half a size - gets less as you get smaller for some reason


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For me=

16st = size 18/20 :wave_cry:
14st = size 16 :eek:
12st = size 14 :)
11st = size 12 :)
10st = size 10 :D
9st = size 8 :eek:

I've been all of these at some point...I'm 10/12 at the mo, heading for 8/10 :cool: hopefully..
Not sure I'll ever get my boobs into an 8 again....
Hi I was 12.6 when I started and a size 16/18 top 16 bottoms, I have now lost 24lb in 7 wks and can get in a size 14 top and 12 bottoms. Can't believe how fast the weight comes off with Cambridge
Great thread!

I can't contribute a lot i'm afraid... i started at a 22 (18 st 2 lbs)all over and nearly 2 stone later i think i'm a 20 but not sure as i'm refusing to buy new clothes until i will defo fit in the next size down. I don't want to be disappointed if after all this effort i'm still in a 22!


please try again
i started in a size 32 at 23 stone 2lb

now im 20 stone and in a size 22/24
Started: 18stone 3lbs 22top 24bottom
Now: 15stone 7lbs 18top 20bottom
Its taken 12 weeks!

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