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Dried Herbs & Spices

I just wondered, when it says that the above are free upto 1 tbsp, is that for each herb or spice or for all that is used at once. For instance, I will be making a chilli tonight so will be using cumin, garlic, coriander and cayenne pepper (all ground and dried). Now can I use a tbsp of each for 0pp or all 4 will need to amount to 1tbsp for 0pp? Sorry if this is confusing, I'm confusing myself at the mo! Lol x
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Can anyone shed any light on this please? Sorry to bang on but it's for my dinner tonight x


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Hi - are you using fresh garlic and coriander?Fresh comes out as free no matter how much you put in.

I put these into the recipe builder on esource:

1tbsp of cumin is 2pps
1tbsp of ground coriander is 1pps
1 tbsp of cayenne is 1 pps but unless you like your food very hot, 1 tsp is 0

So 1tbsp each of cumin and coriander plus tsp of cayenne comes to 3. With four portions that is 1pps per portion.
Thanks for getting back to me pudnpie, sorry to be a pain, but can you explain that if I therefore only have 1tsp or cumin and coriander and not a tablespoon it would be 0pp each?
also (sorry) is lazy garlic in the jars free? Thanks. x


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The Lazy Garlic is on there but stupidly the only measurement it has on there is the 200g jar. I can't even select grams. The smallest amount I can select is one eighth so that would be 25g which is 1pps.

Cayenne and coriander are free for 1tsp each. Cumin is 1 for 1tps. So if it is 2pps for the garlic and cumin it comes out at 1pps per portion if there are 4 portions. If you are using less garlic ( imagine 25g is a hefty spoonful) I don't think I would bother to count either. 1tsp of cumin alone divided by 4 comes out as 0pps. I'll leave it to you to judge.
Okay, I think I'm getting it?! Lol. It's so frustrating sometimes. Thanks so much for your help though hun, I think I have been using way too much spices and not counting! I'm gonna count the cumin as 1pp but not the garlic or coriander. X
Stupidity madness thats what!! Lol x


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spices aren't free... what kind of madness is this?! :O
Absolute stupidity! I dont point herbs and spices no matter how much I use - its complete and utter tosh!!!!!
Im not pointin them either no way!lol
If your not pointing them, I'm not pointing them! Lol. Thing is my leader said (as I put weight on this week :() that I need to count and weigh everything including this! I mean how can herbs and spices make you put weight on?! Surely they cant store that much fat or calories, and didn't they used to be free on the old plan? I like my food with a lot of flavour not bland so last night it was really hard only using a tsp of this and a tsp of that!
Good to know littlemizz, thank you x
There's no oil in dried spices! Not on the ingrediants anyway!!

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