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Drinking hot water in the morning to aid weight loss


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My consultant has being going on and on about having a glass of hot water in the morning to boost weight loss. I haven't tried it yet as to be honest to me it sounds abit silly and not all that pleasant. But she swears by it and says the all the people how have tried it have had bigger losses. It's meant to get your digestive system working and up your metabolism. Has anyone ever heard of it, tried it, or even heard it to help?

Should I be more open minded and try it or is my consultant just talking even more rubbish (I'm not getting on well with her right now)
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lol i would be intruiged to find out but too scared to try it before someone else! lol i drink green tea all morning every morning which is meant to boost weight loss but it doesnt work for me :( still drink it tho cos its meant to be good xx
This is quiet an old fashioned idea... i remember my nan saying she did it,,, dont fancy it myself...


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I drink this every morning its nice and refreshing, and I can honestly say that I do notice a difference between weeks I havent had it

I usually get up and boil kettle then when I come down for breakfast its at just the right temp to drink I have it with lemon, I like it ut I have been drinking it well before I started sw to :)

its worth a try


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Yes it works!

A friend of mine drinks it all day at work and tells me it is good for digestion and "toiletting":eek:

I tried it and it does work. Not boiling hot though as that would be silly, but hot water does work. Tastes quite boring though.
plj lemon juice (from H&B) works just as well and is very handy xx

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Do you get the same effect with lemon juice (e.g. jif) as you do from a fresh lemon?

Sorry if this sounds a bit stupid :p


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Green tea would work better
I have done quite a few weeks of hot water and lemon and I did seem to have better losses those weeks. I quite like it actually. I'm going to do it for the rest of this week and see how I get on. I don't think it makes any difference using fresh lemon or 'jif'. I used both. It takes a bit of working out how much jif to put in so you get it to taste okay but not too sharp.

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to boost losses. It's meant to be something to do with getting your digestive system up and working early in the day. I also find it, erm, helps clear things out of your system quite quickly LOL.

I also drink hot water on it's own quite often from even before I started doing SW. It tastes odd at first but now I find it really refreshing.


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I have a cup of Robinsons Apple & Blackcurrant Concentrate with hot water every morning with my breakfast, nice start to the day.
my friends mum has had hot water in the morning for as long as I can remember she always swore by it saying it clears the system out and if your tummy is a bit dicky always have boiled water,my sister often has a glass of hot water as well if she is feeling bloated,I've tried it but don't really like it might try it with the lemon tho'.Never heard of it helping weight loss.x
I want to try this but I can't stand plain water as it is. Reading up on it sounds like it's a good idea. Maybe I should hold my nose and glug it down!x
i tried it this morning and it tastes fine actually! i usually drink green tea but this just tasted like really really weak green tea haha! plus i only had 1 green teabag left so will have to drink water all morning lol xx

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