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Driving the 'Blues Highway'

We booked our late summer hols today (20th Sept to 4th Oct) - and I already can't wait!!!

Inspired by a feature in last week's Sunday Times Travel section, we're taking a 2-week US Fly-Drive tour from New Orleans to Nashville - taking in Lafayette, Natchez, Jackson, Clarksdale and Memphis along the way.

Anyone who knows anything about the history of jazz/blues music will know that the trip largely follows Highway 61 - also known as the Blues Highway - visiting places like Bourbon Street (New Orleans), Graceland, the Gibson Guitar Factory and Sun Studios .

I'd love to hear from anyone who's done a similar trip in the past with suggestions of places to go/things to see along the way :)
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Ancient Egypt Nut!
my darling sista, I hate you!!!! ;) :D In the nicest possible way. I am turning green because you will be going to Gracelands!!!!! Nuff said. Long live THE KING :D :D :D


I STILL mean it!
Wow Sharon, that holiday sounds as if it's going to be fantasic, make sure you tell us all about it when you get back - or even whilst you're there.
We have booked to fly to Carcasonne in the Langudoc region of the south of France- Ryanair again!
The tower apartment in the Chateau de Boussagues available to rent
I have only ever spent a week in France before, and that was near Bordeaux, when I was at my biggest, so this experience will be completely different. I am reading "Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse as it's all about the region - Cathar castles etc.
I have already rtead "Hot sun Cool Shadow" which is all about the food in the region, and was fascinating. Castlemaudary, as well as being the training place for the foreign legion, is also home to cassolet apparently. It will be a couple of hours drive to the Camargue, but the idea of seeing the wild horses sounds good to me. Speaking of horses, have booked riding lesson for grand daughter and myself for when we go to Spain at the end of the month - something I've always wanted to do, but am nervous & excited about at the same time.
Ann x
Hi Irene, Lacey and Ann .. thanks for your messages, although it still feels like an AWFUL long time to wait :sigh:

Ann - I've got that book too, although haven't got around to reading it yet. I have never been to France (except a few brief trips to Paris), and that Chateau looks amazing!!! :)

You'll have such a fantastic time there this time - so different from your last experience - and going horse riding in Spain sounds fab too! I've always wanted to be able to learn to ride, but unfortunately I'm allergic to horses .. something I discovered when I was on a horse-riding trip around the pyramids in Egypt. I ended up having to switch to riding a camel from Giza to Saqqara - spending 5 HOURS on the blessed thing! Never again! *lol*


I STILL mean it!
OMG Sharon, how awful. I didn't enjoy Egypt either, I was so sick, I thought I'd never be well again.
No horses for you then. Skiiing is on my "list" as well - how about you?
OMG Sharon, how awful. I didn't enjoy Egypt either, I was so sick, I thought I'd never be well again.
No horses for you then. Skiiing is on my "list" as well - how about you?
Oh I absolutely loved Egypt,Ann - and have been there at least 4 or 5 times since 1990 when this occurred. It's just horses I don't get on well with :rolleyes:

I've never fancied skiing particularly. It always seems far too energetic for me. Besides, I like holidays where I can take clothes OFF, not have to put them on *lol* :eek:
Hi Sharon, the trip sounds fab. The bride and groom at the wedding I was just at are Elvis mad and fly out to Memphis on honeymoon on Tuesday - their dream is to visit Graceland.

It seems long now but the time will fly by and you'll be wondering where the year went *lol*.
You're probably right, Sarah - the time will no doubt fly by! My only concern, really, is whether or not I can be around the same weight as I am now by the time I go :sigh:

Fingers crossed eh? :)

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