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Hi just been to my dr asking for some reductil!!!! Anyway cos i'm on anti depressants he said 'no!' Fair enough I thought. But then he also said that they were rubbish and that i should go back on Cambridge (or Lipotrim, but they are horrid so will do CD again). So I'd already had breakfast when I saw him this morning so will hopefully find the motivation to start tomorrow.

Wish me luck as this will be my millionth time! However, seeing as though its the dr who has told me to re start, maybe that is motivation enough x
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Thanks. I'm gonna need it! Stopping and starting cd is just no good but now the dr has said.......I think it sorta tells you in your head that you're sorta being told off lol! If that makes any sense! x


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Hi Amy, good luck with starting again, hope it goes well for you!


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good luck amy xx


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Good luck Amylou,

I don't know who said this but the quote goes something like:

'We cannot fail until we stop trying'

I've been yoyo'ing for 20 odd years but i am doing it this time :)

Good luck,

Sarah x

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Good luck Amylou. I tried Reductil and it did nothing for me except make me have dizzy spells, my Doc then told me it didn't work for a lot of people. Tried Xenical too and that was just as useless for me. Stick with CD and your weight will be off in no time x


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Thanks everyone, you're all very kind and very encouraging x


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A very good friend of mine was given those tablets but soon gave up when she pood when she coughed, sneezed or even sat down too quick. Get on cd honey, you'll be great xx


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Good luck Amylou, I too have tried reductil and the Xenical, I found them a waste of time as I still ate loads with them both! I've stoped and started millions of times but its when we stop trying that we are failures! Good luck - you'll do grand am sure.x