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Drs & Nurses at war


maintaining since June'09
Did anyone catch this last night? ITV 8pm.

It follows a group of NHS Drs & Nurses who are in the TA and did a 3 month tour of duty in Afghanistan last year.

It's strong stuff!

If you saw it you'll have seen at the end a young marine who is featured in next weeks episode. He was completely black from the explosion he had been in, his arms were burnt and they were talking about the possibility of him losing a leg ........ He actually lost both .... His name is Pete Dunning and he is a friend of ours ... went out with my daughter in fact.

She has seen the preview tape that Pete has and says it's very graphic, she got quite upset but obviously it was worse for her as she knows him so well.
Difficult as it might be we are determined to watch it - even if it IS through splayed fingers as Pete is so proud of it and we are of him .... he's our hero.

Just though I'd share ... xx
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maintaining since June'09
Bumping because it's on tonight x
did see a preview of it, but wasnt sure it was my thing. will take a look, and yes i bet you're all very proud of him xxx
its him on as i turned it over x


maintaining since June'09
I'm sky+ ing it so I can run through the ads. I believe you may have to watch with one eye closed! But thanks for having a look! :)
watching it now - your thread got me to turn over from holby. I have some colleagues who are nurses in TA when theyre not working their normal jobs. I dont know if I could do it - who knows.


maintaining since June'09
If you watched it - Pete was the marine NOT the soldier in the first part ...... when he was interviewed at the end at Headley Court I think he was still 'under the influence' a bit. Either that or very nervous.

He's now got his false legs, can walk with one stick and has passed a driving test in a hand controlled car. The first time he went out alone, the controls failed and he crashed into a brick wall ....... I kid you not ....... as if he hadn't been through enough already !!!!!!
awww. Glad hes on the up though. Reminds us we should be happy with what we have
bless him, yer it named him in the bit i was watching, it was strange cos it was literally as i was typing on here. good on him for getting back out there and embracing life x
I watched the first episode but was out for the other 2. Might see if I can watch them on the ITV website.

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