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Drugs used in pregnancy??

I'am 13 weeks pregnant, my doc has prescribed me the nitrofurantoin for urine tract infection, but i don't feel confortble taking it because i'am affraid it can harm the baby.I saw that it is "probably" safe to use while pregant and also that some woman had lost the pregnancy because of it, I'am waiting for the culture exam from lab this monday, right now, is not that bad but i feel unconfortble, i'am taking yogurt, cranberry juice and a lots of water that helped, I don't know what to do and would like some advise please! :)
We whent trough a lot going trough the fertility treatment this is our third time and Thank God that it worked and I just want to be safe and not do anything wrong, and for me to get pregnant ivf is the only way out.
I don't know about this medication and i'am very concerned about taking it???????? PLease help me!!!!
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I can understand why you're so reluctant to take the drugs but you need to discuss this with the prescribing doctor. I didn't want to take any medication when I was pregnant but there were problems with the pregnancy and I had to take lots of things despite my previous intentions. But every time the doc prescribed something I asked why I needed to take it and what the risks were and he was always happy to explain it to me. In my case, every thing I took I had to take as otherwise the baby would have been in trouble. I was prescribed anti-sickness drugs as I puked all through pregnancy, right up until the C-section - I refused them initially but took them when it was explained to me that my constant dehydration would cause miscarriage otherwise; I had antibiotics once for an unidentified infection because I was getting a high fever and they told me that was dangerous for the baby. I nearly miscarried him several times and was given drugs to stop contractions on 2 occasions which I took, steroids to mature his lungs so he'd be more likely to be able to breathe when it became obvious he was going to be born early - which I took, and tranquilisers when the medics decided I needed calming when I was bleeding heavily at 20 weeks - those I refused as I felt I didn't need them, I was scared of course but I didn't feel I needed tranks so I said no as I didn't want to inflict them on the baby.

I now have a lovely healthy 18 month old and I'm very grateful for all the medical help I received to get both him and me through a very dangerous pregancy. But I questioned the doc every time they prescribed anything and only took what I was happy with. In fact, I still ask questions if they prescribe anything for my little lad now. I think it's a healthy attitude.

If your doc has prescribed antibiotics then it might be because of the risk of fevers etc to the baby but the only safe way to put your mind at rest is to ask them. Then you'll be able to decide whether to take them or not.
You can only do what you feel is right and the best way to decide is to get the info from your own doc.

Hope you feel better soon and best wishes for the rest of pregnancy.
nitrofurantoin can be used safely in the 1st 2 trimesters. You really should follow ur gps guidance. UTI's can become very serious if you dont treat it.

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