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dry skin

I'll try and offer some advice, from a purely dietry point of view. External factors could be contributing but if you have recently changed your diet or eating plan then it is possible that it is that that could be contributing.

Right. Most people starting dieting seem to go low fat low calorie. If you've cut out the good fats (such as omega 3) then this could possibly be contributing to the problems. These good fats are needed in the body to help oil the skin and joints. The reduction of the oil glad function can be atributed to a general lack of fat in the diet (dont change anything just yet, just make a note of what fat your eating and what types to make sure you are getting enough, if not think about a fish oil supplement, or if you hate the thought another oil supplement). Another thing could be a general lack of hydration. Make sure your drinking plenty of water! Other than that vitamin A or B promote healthy skin and oil gland funtion, so a multivitamin with them in could help.

If external factors are contributing you could always try a good quality moisturiser. Have you changed towels recently? New washing powder? Soap? Shampoo? If its suddenly came on then its possible that you could identify what could have caused it and try and rectify it.

I hope this helps in some way!

-Mike :)
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ive had it for quite a while id say its getting on to a year now...ive used all the usual e45/aqeous cream...been to the docs and had a 50/50 oil based one and a strong prescription only cream and nothing has shifted it...im afraid that its gonna start scarring soon if i dont get it sorted...its really tight in the mornings and is sore some days...really getting me down.should i go back to the docs?they just dont seem to be helpful

Just Peachy

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I get a lot of dry skin and I find that for rougher areas like elbows, knees and hands that just won't keep hydrated, I use a body cream instead of lotion or moisturiser. It's just thicker and richer and seems to hydrate more than anything else. Might be worth a try!
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I don't know your age, but I know that if you're in your 30s, then it could be the start of hormonal shifts. The areas you list are the common areas for women to have the skin changes brought on by hormonal balance shifts. Something to bring up at the doc next time you're in, perhaps.
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Ask your chemist for a cream called "doublebase"!! I've had ezcema all my life and I was refered to a specialist yet again, but was given an absolutly amazing emolient cream - doublebase - I no longer buy all the expensive face creams, this is amazing for all over!! head to toe - and it doesnt leave you all sticky like I find E45 does. I have got quite a few of my friends and family on to it too - its just brilliant!

After 37 years - I now have the smoothest skin I've ever had!!!

jane x
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lush dream cream. i used to work for them and the number of people who came in and said it was a miracle worker for them! people used to come in despairing about doctors creams not working and found that it worked. if you go in and say you're scared it'll react with your skin etc they might give you a little sample to try :)
I used to have alot of problems with dry skin, particularly on my forehead and nose. I started using Superdefense by Clinique. Its pricey, but it does work and a little goes a long way. I bought my tub three months ago and still have half left.
I had something like this when I suffered an allergic reaction last year. The skin on my face felt so dry and tight-it was a nightmare.
My auntie has suffered from excema and contact dermatitis, and put me onto cetraben. It helped soooo much. It was 100% better than E45.
You can get it from your doctor or online.
Hope you get some relief soon hon, I know how horrid it can be. xx
MSM moisturiser from Raw Gaia. Expensive at £10 for a pot but it goes a very long way! Smells divine and has cleared up my skin. I've also been using MSM soap - even my bloke loves that! I get the soap off Ebay.
Dry skin has a low level of sebum and can be prone to sensitivity. The skin has a dry appearance caused by its inability to maintain moisture.Dry skin is a skin disease characterized by abnormal or excessive dryness of the skin very common. Although dry skin tends to affect men and women, the elderly are usually more prone to dry skin.
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Try washing your face with Bicarb of Soda made into a paste then getting Vitamin E capsules, splitting them and rubbing the oil on your face. Worked for me :)
Dry skin is indeed a problem to many. There are plenty of lotions, moisturizers and body creams that work differently for different people depending on a plenty of other factors like the external condition is the skin exposed to and the dietary habits does play a very important role. So, the one that works for you should be tried for and then resorted to use.
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Dry skin is a nightmare - you normally find the cream thats best for your skin. I often get drier skin with air con/heaters at work - my best tip though is to avoid using soaps and bubble baths as much (they tend to dry me out). A few drops of baby oil in a bath helps smooth my skin, and drinking lots of water. :) x
Ah, i am a big sufferer of dry skin in the winter time, it's mainly my hands, but sometimes my face too! I know that you're supposed to avoid hot hot showers, and stick to just "warm" water (which is a huge bummer for me, since I love hot showers!)

Also, be sure to moisturize as soon as you're out of the shower!! It helps to "lock in" the moisture on your skin. Try to avoid alcohol based products since those tend to dry out the skin.

I'm a big fan of Eucerin (i do some work with them, so we have it floating around the office), they've really helped my poor hands this winter. I'll usually put some on in the morning, and then maybe once or twice during the day too. Right now, the calming creme is my go-to, but I also like the daily skin balance line too, it's a little lighter, and maybe better for summer use. Both are great for dry skin!
Neonshock said:
Try washing your face with Bicarb of Soda made into a paste then getting Vitamin E capsules, splitting them and rubbing the oil on your face. Worked for me :)
I agree :) I spent £20+ on some Dermalogica daily exfoliator which was basically bicarbonate of soda! And the vit E capsules are amazing. I only use them at night as they make my face quite shiny lol. In the day I use a light serum (olay or estee lauder) followed by a nice cream (my fave is Guerlain - can't think of name now but it's a super thick cream for very dry skin, it's about £55 but a jar lasts me 12-18 months)

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