Dry skin...


Ok, so for some reason, even though all this week i've been drinking at least 2 litres of water, my skin is looking quite bad...

I usually have really clear skin but the past few days i've had a lot of spots come up (i think last week was my TOTM so not sure if thats to do with it but i'm drinking LOADS of water and i thought that was meant to clear your skin?)
And not only are the spots appearing but i'm getting patches of really dry and flakey skin, almost exzema looking, i usually get dry skin on my legs around the winter time but never on my face before...

Any ideas why this is happneing considering i'm eating healthy and drinking loads of water?

Also can anyone reccomend a cream or something i can use for it (not too expensive!) xxx
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It could just be because of the cold weather hun. I don't really know which creams to recommend as I use all sorts of stuff hun. Only thing is if you are suffering with a breakout try to avoid creams that are quite heavy and oily as it might make your breakout worse hun x


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I am a big fan of Nivea Soft. This is really cheap and I use it all the time. Another good one is good old baby lotion! It could be central heating or warm air con that is drying out your skin too.


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Ahh B now this is where I can really help you being a therapist lol

Ok what we don't always think about when it come to skin is environmental changes. Weather changes also affect our skin along with heating changes etc.

When cold we try to stay indoors and wrap up and put the heating on... yes most of us do CTM twice a day and use the correct products but some don't.

When having a cream for this time of year you need to find on that has a humectant in it. This is a product that will draw moisture from the air not from your body.

These patches can be here for several reasons but I would suggest that you use a gentle exfoliant on the affected areas.

I would suggest if you don't have one your cleanser with a teaspoon of sugar... mix together and gently apply and use circular motions... this will desquamate the skin and leave it feeling fresher... but not only this it will remove the dead skin cells allowing your moisturising product to hydrate the skin underneath that really needs it at this moment.

For people with sensitive skin then I would suggest going down to your chemist and getting an Aquaous cream... this can be used to cleanse and hydrate the skin and is very cheap and has far less chemicals which can cause your skin to react as others can and do.

Put a bowl of water in the area that you are in and the moisture can be drawn from this also not so much you.

When you go outside no matter for how long ensure that your skin is protected with a moisturiser and your hands as well. Try to avoid sharp winds and extreme changes in temps.

Try to ctm twice a day to keep the skin looked after and protected.

Now for the papules... these can also appear for ..

If the skin becomes dry it breaks down the acid mantle on the skin and upsets the ph balance of the skin which means that invading bacteria that is around us everywhere and on our skin can get in and cause papules and pustules... spots.

SO as above protect the skin by CTM twice a day....

I can write so much more on this... but try this first and if you need any help just shout.


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My first thought was the cold weather and the switching on of central heating, etc, also. I get really itchy skin (legs especially) if I drink too much tea and especially if I go anywhere near instant coffee.

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Aldis creams are fab 1.89 each.also a huge bottle of firming lotion only cheap,lasts ages.