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Dry Throat/Mouth

Hi Everyone,

I have been posting on my 'own' thread but I wondered if the wider world would like to answer me on this one (sure I am driving lovely Peony and BL mad!)?

I started yesterday and so far am going alright without falling off the wagon (mostly thanks to this forum I think)!

I drank all my addittional 2 litres of water, made up the food packs as per instructions and then probably had a bit more water in coffee and such as well as some extra water last night.

Yet last night I was still really thirsty and this morning I am too. I was wary of drinking loads more last night - did have a bit of a headache but I am sure it can't have been dehydration!

I know that the packs have a bit of a funny smell and after taste (is it the Soya cause I don't usually have that) and I am wondering if its something to do with that.

Guess that I am also wondering if it is just me as I haven't spotted this on people's 'side effects' list? Is this normal or am I dehydrated (but I am sure that I slosh when I walk)?

I read something that said that it could be because I am in Ketosis but it's only been one day so I don't suppose I am.

Any thoughts on the subject would be nice.

Thank you.

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Hi doll. Don't worry you aren't driving me mad- I dip in and out here often as I am always on my iPhone. Be wary of drinking too much water - they promote a 'waterwheel' analogy- keep the water wheel turning through the day without drowning. It varies between people but I get a dehydration headache if I drink less than 4 litres a day plus extra in coffee or shakes. I use a 2 litre plastic clip top jug from tesco and aim to drink 2 fills of it a day.

The dry mouth got better for me. The first month or so I had it and also often felt like I had a hair at the back of my throat even though I didn't. I also felt like there was a coating on my teeth.That went when I started on bars in week 2. After a while the only side effect I noticed was the commonly reported feeling cold.

And anyway you are taking my mind off me - I have got to a point where I am feeling frustrated as the losses are stalling and seeing my end goal slip away further had me
in frustrated tears this morning. you will find it a but if an emotional rollercoaster. I am reminding myself to hang on and keep at it. Hubby pointed out that this often happens after TOTM for me so I am hoping it IS that and not a general slowing due to getting closer to goal.

Keep going You are doing great.
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lol - you can run but you cannot hide! :D

Others will be along to post too I am sure - honest, Peony and I are not stalking you! :D

Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. As you had very little to eatyesterday, the thirst you felt was probably what you would normally assume was hunger.

As Peony said, don;t over due water, in the sense of glugging down 2 or 3 litres in one sitting. Drink to thirst, and keep it steady. If thirst requires the extra 2 litres of water you had, its no trouble....just dont glug and glug and glug to extreme. I mean REALLY extreme.

Keep on rockin it! :D
Furry tongue, furry tongue

Oh Peony. Don't be down. You have done such an amazing job getting to here and I know it seems like empty words but you really do give me hope in being able to make it myself.

I find that I struggle with things around TOTM (think I must be due as I was a bit down yesterday and very frustrated with myself for being so stressy/obsessive), not sure how/if it will effect weight loss but I know that it can make me feel 'a few twinkles short of glitter'!

Mr Peony is right though - there is no way that someone who has come as far as you have should feel despondent about where they are at now. At least you are not still at the base camp of the mountain, and the view should be great from the heights you have achieved already! He must be terribly proud of you (and I am guessing he must also be a lovely supportive man too). Psycological hug in there too!

Yeah I know that they stressed the 'waterwheel' thing to great lengths (presume they have to after the lady who overdrank), and I do usually get through lots of water without batting an eyelid. Never knew about or was concerned by water poisoning before signing up here but now I am probably being over-cautious.

So I have tried to get a 2 litre bottle down me plus other individual cups and such without going too mad. I just felt like the mouth things was more than that (and really and suspicious of the packs as I have a funny taste in my mouth too - or is this ketosis - all so new), so thought I would ask the Oracles.

BL - I actually thought it might be more of the case that you guys would be all 'pesky newbie asking us question after question', I do keep doing searches on the forum and reading up on things but sometimes its hard to translate other people's Q&A's into exactly what you want. Found some stuff about CD and dry mouth so assumed it could be a 'thing' of LL rather than just me being a nutter but thought I should check. If I spot you outside my house I'll be worried though!

I am just glad that (so far) there has been no massive effect on my other internal workings - horrid I know but that is what I am most dreading...

Fun stuff et al.



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Thanks Shelleycat - I remember looking at people's tickers at the start and thinking wow - will that ever be me? And look, it is ! And you will be too I guess in the course of a lifetime a few months is the blink of an eye.

And yes Mr Peony (lol) has been fantastic - a lot of folk either don't get the support from their OH or some even go out of their way to sabotage their efforts! He has learned to cook whilst I have been doing this - and has even lost a stone himself although he wasn't really overweight before - through not drinking alcohol in my presence and also because there is no 'treat' food in the house.

You will have probably read that some people get constipated - I went the other way for the first few months, having quite the opposite problem. This has swung full pendulum and now I only go once a week (sorry it TMI!). I don't really worry about it as it doesn't make me feel ill, and I know it is only temporary.

Regarding TOTM, some people find it makes no difference, others can hold on to pounds and pounds of water. What I find strange is that I appear to be gaining water straight after TOTM, by all accounts that is the time most people shed theirs - I will have to go scientific and spreadsheety about it and compare the last 7 months TOTM dates with my weightloss spreadsheet and find if it really does correlate - honestly see what I am reduced to hee hee!

Right Mr Peony has just taken our gorgeous 4 year old out shopping (I think the plan is to get me something for tomorrow) and for lunch so I have the luxury of a peaceful house and am going to go and crack open a new book in a very hot, deep, bath filled with expensive bubbles.

Catch you later toots
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<<Peony>>> shake thosenegative deelings misses - you are SO close to your goal - looke where you have come from! Imagine, you have alreaydy lost over 120 pounds!!! And you ONLY have 30 to go!!! cHALK IT UP TO totm AND KNOW YOU WILL ROCK IT NEXT WEEK!

oops - sorry for caps!!

Shelly - LOVE the Base Camp analagoy!!! BRILLIANT!!! :D
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My throat is always dry (even dryer after i've had a shake) I always feel that 'had to much alcohol, need a drink!' effect in the mornings - i think it's just part of the diet - dont worry about it =)
It's like the Sahara in here

Thanks CS - good to know that it isn't just me and its you too! In the nicest possible way - if you get me.

I figured it might well be a 'side effect' as I couldn't see what else it would be with the drinking and the sloshing about.

Might ask about it at LL this week and see who else has got it.

How are you getting on now? Would be good to have an idea of any triumphs and pitfalls you could share.


S: 16st12lb C: 9st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 7st10lb(45.76%)
Im not doing too bad thanks!
I've managed not to slip up so far (and not ever - i hope!) and im starting to get use to the packs now - and actually quite enjoy the shakes and bars. It's took me 2 weeks to finally decided i really dont like the soups so not having anymore of them!
I havent had any head aches or anything so far (although im having a bit of problem with the keitosis breath, urgh)
My mouth is dry constantly! Even when i've just drank a pint of water and im running to the toilet every 10 mins lol!
Other than that im finding the diet pretty easy.
I have my weigh in tomorrow and im hoping to loose at least 4.5lbs to get to a stone lost!
Hows everything going for you so far?
x x x x


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Wow, this thread is great!!! It's lovely that you have asked questons Shelleycat, it gives other newbies a chance to read and relate to others. The oldies on here really don't mind answering questions,as we were all at 'base camp' once. We were just as curious, worried, excited. I wouldn't have got as far as I have without peony and blonde logic either (and a few others I haven't seen around for a while). Keep the questions coming.....and good luck xxxx
Hi Shelley

I remember having all those same questions as the start. The dry mouth/breath.
I can't remember when the dry mouth went away- or did I just get used to it?
Do you measure how much water you drink every day?
Sometimes it's hgard to remember. I saw a good tip on one of these threads and wished I had thought of it when I was on abstinence.
Buy a bunch of those pretty and cheap bangles from Primark or new Look or somewhere like that.
If you want to drink 3 litres of water wear 6 one one wrist. Every time you finish half a litre swap 1 bangle to the other wrist! Easy peasy and only you will know
Water, water, everywhere.......

CalicoSoneji - Thanks for the update. Sounds as if you are doing very well thus far and I really hope you will keep me updated as its good to vicariously enjoy success.

I am doing alright on this Day 3 with too many days left to even consider! I was a bit low last night but thing its just pre-TOTM and the OH was pretty good cheering me up alot. I'm supposed to have a weight in tomorrow but I think that it might prove difficult for me to get there so I might not have any official stats until Tuesday night!

I cannot wait to get near a bar - so bored of not having anything to chew. Which flavours have you had and what are you making of them? Know what you mean about the soup (only tried the veg one and it was ok but I much rather vanilla with coffee shakes).

Melarnz - Thanks to you for that. I aim to please to be asking idiot questions and sharing out my (hopefully needless) worries with all the lovely experts out there. Totally agree that it is wonderful that successes like BL and Peony are happy to share their experiences with such frankness and honesty.

Slendablenda - Thanks for that too - its an interesting idea to try out!

I have been having my water out of a Morrisons 2 litre 'easy pour' bottle. As long as I have got through one of them a day plus various other drinks and pack reconstitutions I figure that is good for me.

I am trying not to obsess about it too much as I have a tendancy to 'go to town' worrying about these things.

Thanks eveyone for the advice and opinions - the mouth/throat seems a little less dry today - possibly cause now my brain is occupied with stressing about whether I am losing hair!!!

S: 16st12lb C: 9st2lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 7st10lb(45.76%)
I couldnt wait to have the bars! It's so nice finally chewing something - I've tried all of the bars now and alot of people love the nut fudge bar but i love the crispy cranberry bars - i think it's because they taste the most normal (to me anyway!) like a kinda cereal bar and i think the lemon bars are pretty nice too.
I think my throat seems less dry this week, so it's either better now or i've got used to it!
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Hi Guys,
On reading your threads i noticed Peony you commented about 'feeling as though you have hair stuck at the back of your throat' :confused:for this comment THANKYOU!! I have asked everyone at my LL Group and no one could understand it, even the counsellor!!
I do not feel like i am going mad now!
These threads really do help THANKYOU!!xx:bliss:

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