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  1. Du-can

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    Ok I've never done one of these before but here goes!

    managed to lose weight by calorie counting (started at about 13st 7lbs), switched over to keto which was much more satisfying but was also slower and after a long weekend away totally off plan and few days after quitting the demon weed (fags, not anything more interesting) I weighed in at about 10st 11lbs from lowest weight week before of about 10st 4lbs. feeling VERY bloated, I'll admit I did just murder a tub of ice cream BUT i must get myself in hand, don't want to be anywhere NEAR 13st again, took ages for the weight to come off.

    So, before I went off on my mini break I was thinking of stillmans and lowering the fat on my diet given the slow weight loss. I liked keto and could happily eat like that for maintenance but to be honest the 2 month stalls were getting to me. Dukan seems to be slightly less restrictive than stillmans so I thought I would give it a go given the success everyone seems to be having on it.

    My weigh in is tomorrow as if I leave it any longer I will no doubt be over 11st within a few days. I am armed with chicken, tuna, tobasco sauce and oat bran, tomorrow I shall ATTACK! Wish me luck!
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  3. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    ok I weighed in aaaand I managed to put on 8lbs since last week :whoopass: mind you I was low carbing before and had a carb blow out for erm about a week soooooo please god please let it be water weight PLEEEEAAASSE!! It took me months, MONTHS to get from 10st12 to 10st4. I promised my self when I got under 11st I would never ever get there again so head straight first day of ATTACK! Starting weight is 10st 12lbs.

    On the plus side I'm trying a hypnosis CD to help with the quitting (plus nicotine patches and the odd Nicorette gum...overkill moi?) and I think it's helping, on the downside I listened to it at 10:30am and woke up at 2:30pm..... I've a lot of studying to do so hopefully this won't happen again.
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  4. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Oookey i just ate 3 chicken breasts, may have been a bit heavy handed with the tabasco, my husband is really impressed with my capacity for food, we are considering entering me into eating competitions for monetary gain :cool:
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  5. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Ok, thats pretty good, 3lbs! 3lbs in one day is pretty :eek: i've been low carbing on and off and i can definitely say that has NEVER happened.

    Now granted I did commit carbicide before I started (i always eat an entire tub of haagen daaz before i start the next round of a diet, I know it's disgusting but I quit smoking and something had to give - ok i just like ice cream) but still, I was equally carby before I tried to drop the weight in previous attempts.

    Whatever, the important thing is to get this water weight OFF and back on track to get into the 9stones i do not remember being under 144lbs so to get under there would be wonderful.

    Still quite hungry though, i know it's always taken a week for the hunger to subside, I think it may be the whole no smoking thing making itself felt as well *sigh* going to go eat my yoghurt.
  6. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    I find the oatbran really helps with the hunger. Have you tried making galettes or muffins or anything with it yet?
    Perhaps post a full menu's food so that we can help if need be.
    I see you're a bit of an icecream fiend! One thing I do is always pop half the pack of (fat free) yoghurts I buy in the freezer each week. Each night, I take one out and savour it slowly. It's sort of like icecream! You'll find your imagination improves incredibly on this diet!!
    Do you like to cook and experiment? There are some great recipes on the site.
    Good luck with the quit. I couldn't sleep for about a week at the start of my quit (Allan Carr book) so you're doing well if you're sleeping!!
    What are you studying? (Nosey, me?!!)
    Hang in there... getting rid of that carb bloat is great, and you'll see great losses initially...
  7. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Hey Joanne, thanks for taking such an interest, I really appreciate the help!!

    okey day for last two days has pretty much gone like this:

    meal1: can of tuna
    meal 2: 2-3 chicken breasts with tabasco
    snacks: pot of yoghurt, oat bran (as cereal)

    I'm ok with doing meat only as have done something similar before, it looks quite boring but until I get to grips with the allowed and not allowed i tend to keep it nice and simple so theres no deviation!! i'm planning to get through attack like this and then I am making courgette noodles on my first PV day nom nom and at some point try the chicken tikka recipes out. I guess I'm a little bit concerned, as when I was doing keto I regularly kept my carbs under 15g (net) quite easily, the additional dairy on Dukan is pushing me over that. Having said that keto really stopped working for me as a weight loss tool a little while ago so maybe the increase in carbs is a good thing!! I'll only really know by trying it out.

    I haven't tried the galettes or the muffins out, but I will do, I've been in a slump since I ditched the fags and not quite out of it. Its only been 4 days, I'm on the patches, I tried the allan carr for women book but it didn't work so great for me (i saw soooo many great reviews, perhaps I just wasn't there yet) I was thinking of trying his original book but you smoke while reading so I don't want to trigger myself. I need to be more consistent with the hypnosis thing, luckily DH is doing it with me so it helps that we are both miserable LOL!! yeah I know what you mean, even with the patches my sleep is disturbed, I'm not a great sleeper anyway but good lord this is getting silly.

    I'm doing my HR masters, I'm originally from the UK but moved to the middle east with my DH and my previous job isn't isn't really compatible with the local market (bar tender, haha joking political advisor- nothing flash at very low level). Soo I'm re-training, to be quite frank I started hating my previous job so it all came at a good time, around here as an expat you have to have a degree in whatever you do, without direct experience the only option is to get another degree (*sigh*).

    So thats me, how about you Joanne, are you a brit in France? What do you do?
  8. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    ok may have got a bit over enthusiastic today, am absolutely starving, probably because I've actually opened my books today, I burned through a can of tuna, 3 eggs (I was hangry)with parsley and garlic, a yoghurt and am going to eat roast chicken for dinner and probably another yoghurt and the bran. Hopefully this will all pass.
  9. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Ok down to 10st 7.2lbs (little yay) tbh going back over weight i lost before doesn't make me feel elated. I just feel tired now, its been 2 bloody years of my weight bouncing around on the plus side its been a general downward trend i guess it happens when it happens i think the fact that i still look the same (to me at any rate) is also slightly demoralising.
  10. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hi Du-can

    Subscribing xx

    What part of the ME are you in? I live in the UAE...

    How many days are you on attack?
  11. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Hi Bonkers!

    i'm in kuwait (very quiet-which I kind of like) which emirate are you in? Right now I'm jealous of everyone living in dubai, only bloody greek yoghurt I can find is chobani which is costing me £5 a tub am going to carrefour on the weekend to see if I can find anything there, if not The sultan centre have a request service am going to see if they could possibly get some total greek yog in for me, hopefully it will be more reasonable.

    Thats the only thing about kuwait getting hold of stuff, almost died and went to heaven when someone requested flaxseed and some amazingly low carb low cal almond milk a few months back, the supermarket has really gone for it and started ordering in chia seeds and goji berries LOL. I don't know if you find this but the imported stuff costs an arm and a leg.

    I'm on my 5th day wanted to do 7 but I'll see how I do for the rest of the day, it's taken a bit of a mental shift from eating keto and tbh there have been times when I have been starving! Are you almost at TW?you've done amazingly well! How long did it take you?
  12. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    ok not a great day so far feel very tired, already eaten 4 snack pot jellies, my oat bran and a can of tuna arrrghh, have work to do but just want to sleep
  13. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    Think I will move into cruise tomorrow, I don't think I can do anymore days of no veg, looking forward to it, hake with mangetout for dinner nom nom. And to anyone who's done attack for longer than 5 days I am awed! Will post final attavk results tomorrow fingers crossed it is good!
  14. Du-can

    Du-can Member

    EPIC FAIL! :break_diet:

    ok so last night I had a binge, I think I ate 3 more Jell-O's 6 slices of bread 4 slices cheese, and 2 dollops of philidelphia which leaves me at 148lbs. I've decided to move onto cruise after that, I think I need the veg and am not buying anymore jelly, I think it sets me off. I'm quite disappointed in myself, I managed 3 weeks just eating steak at the beginning of the year to get myself into ketosis so I don't know why I'm struggling so much now. I had been doing LCHF so it may just be the veg that I'm missing as I was eating veg everyday before. I'm starting cruise today and hopefully the damage won't stick
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  15. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    I do live in Dubai - love it here. Have family in Kuwait though (never been but they come here all the time :D).

    Spinneys used to be the to go place here, but recently everyone is stocking the good stuff. As a result - just costs an arm :rolleyes:

    I am close to TW (a kg away now). Been on Dukan since 25 Aug 2013 (just over 8 months) - have lost 91lbs or 41.4kgs and loved every minute of it!

    I had 7 days on my attack. Didnt last more than 5 either! Woke up on day 6 to eat a whole tomato!

    Oh don't stress about it. You know it will mostly be water weight and flush out next PP day.

    Just draw a line under it and move on...

    p.s. what was your start weight in lbs?
  16. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Du-can - from the look of the snippets of your food intake that you've posted, I don't think you've been eating enough protein which could be why you were so hungry, and why you eventually cracked. In any event, five days attack is plenty for anyone but the hugely obese.

    Remember that you can eat unlimited amounts of protein and so, when hungry, rather than hitting the jelly(!) which won't fill you up anyway, go for chicken... eggs... I presume they are widely available in Kuwait! Some swear by their losses on the days they ate a whole chicken (skinless!) on their own!

    So, how about posting a few menus... :)

    Good luck getting back in the zone
  17. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Hey Du-can

    How are you doing?

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