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Dubious article in April's Health & Fitness magazine


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Oooh I'm so cross with H&F.

I was reading an article headed "Is it What you eat or How Much, that counts?"

My attention was first of all drawn to a highlighted part which read "People who eat sugar are more likely to be slim than people who avoid it". Aye right. I don't think so.

Anyway I carried on reading the article and came to the last section, headed "Sugar Facts". This is where I had to suspend disbelief as I read the following statements...

"Eating more sugar and less fat has been shown to lead to weight loss. People who eat sugar are more likely to be slim than people who avoid it. Sugar (sucrose) is a slow release carbohydrate raising blood sugar more slowly than many starchy foods. Nowadays it's recognised that people with diabetes can eat sugar as part of a balanced diet. Sugar is an important fuel for sport and exercise. All expert reports in recent years have accepted that it is part of a healthy balanced diet. In particular, these experts have not found any evidence of the common myth that sugar is a significant contributor to obesity. So why label sugars if the objective is to reduce the number of people who are obese? At best its a distraction. At only 16 cals a teaspoon and 10% of the average adult's energy intake, sugar hardly seems a priority."

By this time, I read to the bottom of the article, incredulous at reading such rubbish, and wondering who had written the article. It all became clear however because the article was written by a representative of The Sugar Bureau!! Hahaha.

Yes, it was an advertisement! The article was headed 'special feature' rather than 'advertising feature' though, which gave credence to what was a very dubious article.

I have posted off an e-mail complaining about the misrepresentation, especially as there is a free Low GL book with this issue which emphasises the role sugar plays in creating obesity!!!

Anyone else seen this article?
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Good grief - that's unbelievable, since when has sugar been a slow release carbohydrate?? I think that's an appalling advert to have in a Health & Fitness magazine. do let us know what they're response to your email.


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Velly interesting Amanda.

I've just googled and come up with this

According to this Report "the available evidence is insufficient to establish a link between sugars intake and the development of obesity".
Also: "The panel concluded that there was no evidence supporting a direct causal role for dietary sugars in the development of diabetes."
It also concluded the sugar consumption did not cause heart disease or behavioural problems.
Regarding heart disease it stated: "Reduction in sugars intake might result in an increase in the amount and the proportion of dietary fats with a consequent possible increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease".

I'm reluctant to take the hard line and call it all rubbish. To be honest, I think I've heard about the benefits of every single food group possible. Maybe that's one of the reasons I don't avoid anything!

I do eat sugar. I don't use sweeteners at all. Sugar is a natural substance....sweeteners aren't.

I think the problem lies when you eat sugary foods such as mars bars ;)
I don't know. I do know that we just don't know enough about anything....and nor do the experts. I tend to be a little cynical....and open minded at the same time about it all.

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