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  1. Twix

    Twix Member

    Hello all, I'm pregnant!!!!! Yay!
    I'll be 17 weeks on Friday. Me and my hubby are happy, excited, scared, nervous, but mainly excited :)

    During the first 14 weeks I felt sooo sick all the time and he only way to feel better was to eat, I think I've gained more than baby weight. My appetite is back to normal and I just want to follow a plan to keep on the right track. I've maintained a healthy weight for 2 years and don't want all my hard work to be undone. I know I will gain, I don't mind. I just want to keep it under control.

    Plus I am happy to be on a board surrounded by pregnant ladies, it will be good for food support as well as baby support. I will be following lots of you :)

    I have a midwife appointment this week and my 20 week scan on 11th April.
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  3. slimming-girl

    slimming-girl Silver Member

    Hi twix I'm an august due date too :) 17 week 2 days. Heard baby heartbeat for first time at midwifes yay :). My due dates 24tg aug it's exciting. I've had very little morning sickness so I feel for you. Good luck on the healthy eating xx
  4. Twix

    Twix Member

    Thanks for the reply, I'll go find your diary in a bit. I had a bad first day. I did kind of stick to plan but I felt so dizzy and light headed as all I felt like was sugar. I work with nurses so one checked my blood pressure and it was fine. She suggested I ate more but by this time I had already eaten:

    Porridge (b) milk (a) banana

    Pasta, peppers, mushroom, homemade pasta sauce

    Blueberries and yogurt
    Cereal bar (9syns)

    So I felt like I had already eaten enough. But I felt awful I just wanted to cry. So I caved in and had a pack of fruit gums (8syns)
    Which meant a big fat fail on my first day. But they did make me feel a lot better. I don't really know why.

    So I decided to start again today. Rather than begin on a low. My evening meal was what I planned to have anyway.

    Salmon with rice, broccoli, carrots

    Tangerine x 2

    Also I think I can feel the baby moving. But I'm not sure. It feels like the right area and I'm pretty sure it's baby related and not ligament pains. It's a nice feeling, I hope it is baby ;)
  5. slimming-girl

    slimming-girl Silver Member

    They say early moving can feel like bubbles or wind I have a little bit of an anterior placenta so I might be later with my feelings but it's very exciting xx
  6. Twix

    Twix Member

    It feels like a very very teeny weeny pain free electric shock. I am sure it's baby....I hope so :)
  7. Twix

    Twix Member

    Okay...so I haven't tracked my food. I will begin tomorrow. I have however stuck to plan.
    I feel knackered. I had my midwife appointment yesterday, blood done for Down's syndrome test, another wee sample - dunno what they checked. And blood pressure.

    My blood pressure before pregnancy and each time during is always 100/60. I'm always told this is fine so I hope it is. I have been feeling faint/dizzy in afternoons so I've been trying to drink more water.

    My next set of appointments are
    20 week scan
    26 week appointment (hear the heartbeat)
    32 week appointment

    Then I guess they become more frequent after that.
  8. PrincessPeach

    PrincessPeach Pregnant with Baby No 2!

    Hi hun x here to subscribe :) x
  9. Birdy86

    Birdy86 New Member

    Hi ladies, I am new to this! I am 26 weeks pregnant, and wanting to get back on track with healthy eating as I have put on almost 23lbs since I found out I was pregnant! :/. I did SW a few years ago, lost 1.5 stone best thing I ever did , but it slowly crept back on! I am hoping someone can help with a few basic tips for me. . X
  10. MummySarahE

    MummySarahE Silver Member

    Hows it going hun?
    We have the same due date :D
  11. PrincessPeach

    PrincessPeach Pregnant with Baby No 2!

    Hi hun x

    Some advice for SWing when pregnant... try not to put too much pressure on yourself. Pregnancy makes following a food plan that bit harder because there are hormones and cravings to consider, or you could be like me and go off a lot of foods! I put on 2 stone exactly when pregnant, and the last 7lbs went on very quickly at the very end (I was 2 weeks overdue) due to following SW around 40% of the time. I just took it day by day. Some days would be really good and I could get through a few at a time perfectly on SW, but then I'd have a few days of wanting mcdonalds and chocolate! If you have a good day - fantastic, but if you have a "treat" day then please don't beat yourself up. You are pregnant, and I think if you can't indulge whilst growing a human, then when can you?! :) From 30 weeks +, I gave in and just did what I could when I could do it, but enjoyed myself at the same time. I realised that dieting can come once baby is born. xxx
  12. MummySarahE

    MummySarahE Silver Member

    That's really good advice.
    I found the first 3 months hard. I was constantly eating to stop the sickness. I lost some during 2nd trimester as my appetite returned the normal. 3rd trimester I am fine so far, but I expect my hungry phase will arrive soon.

    Enjoy being pregnant, eat well and worry about any gain once you've had a few months bonding with baby :)

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