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dug out my George Forman today

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id completly forgotten about my GF - and cooked bacon on it this evening for my tea -

it now has pride of plaveon my kitchen side ready to go for chicken etc.... what do you cook on urs??
(BTW - i think i may have poisoned my self with the old cremated food on there mixed with fairy power spray that i used to clean it !!! nice knowing you all!!! hahahah)
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You have just reminded me i have one of them must find mine out tomorrow. I cook my chicken breasts in the steamer come out lovely and soft and moist.


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you can cook anything on your GF - I used to have an infra=red grill (before the GF day's) it was so difficult to clean that eventually we had to throw it away.

BUT I have been thinking of getting one of these type of grills again. Would you recommend them.

AND I used to cook - peppers and courgettes and chicken and steak and lamb and pork and mushrooms - everything really on my grill.

A good thing is to marinate everything before cooking - gives food lots of flavour.

Let us know how you get on - I'm going to go look in Argos now as to what they sell these days. Thanks for remiinding me.

Gilly x


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I have mine on top of the kitchen cupboards gathering dust, so need to bring it down and start making something on it too! I used to marinate some chicken breasts, onions and peppers and put it on there and they came out quite nice. I wonder if I could put the Quorn Sausages on there too?


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I LOVE my GF! I cook sausages (meat and quorn) on it, chicken, bacon, pork steaks, home made burgers, potato waffles (when i crave!), sliced potato, parsnips, fish fingers (naughty!) - everything! It's a pain to clean, but cheaper than switching on my fan oven. My mum has what she calls a 'mini oven', which is pretty good too. Heats up really quickly, has a grill function, and a hot plate on top, which can be used for pans, or for 'frying' foods too.
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haha, sorry, GF = girlfriend in my head so 'id completely forgotten about my GF' got a big giggle out of me!

i only really use mine to make minced chicken/lamb kebabs when everyone else is having theirs fried. my uncle used to grill a chicken breast wrapped in foil in his george foreman every day, i have never tried myself...

lean mean fat reducing machine... oh how i want to grill something in you right now! x
S: 16st9lb C: 15st10lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st13lb(5.58%)
ive done chicken pieces with cajan seasoning for my stir fry - very lovely!


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I love my George, I cook everything on him!
Mine has removable plates so I just bung them in the dishwasher. Much easier!!


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I love to do my fry-ups on them - bacon, sausages, slices of big mushroom, tomato on at the last minute and I microwave an egg in a bowl with a plate on the top for 80 seconds for an "oil free fried egg" to go with it. I'm stuck with a small GF at the mo, but I'm asking for a large sized one with a temperature control on for xmas :D


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Mine has got extra plates too , flat ones and little dish ones so you really can do anything on it!
I'm pretty sure they are under £30 now... We got ours as a wedding present. Definitely the most used kitchen gadget in the house!
The only thing mine doesn't have that my old one did is a timer, used to be great when I was busy to make sure I didn't forget about my sausages!!

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