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Attack Dukan Day 1


I am halfway through my first day of a 7 day attack. I have spent the last month or so reading the book, emptying the cupboards of all temptations and hav been quiet lookig forward to my first day. I have to say i have spent a lot of time reading other peoples posts and have been amazed at how helpful everyone seems to be - have never joined anything like this before but really hoping your help will make all the difference!

So far today;

Breakfast - Vanilla Muller + 1.5tbs Oat bran and black coffee

Lunch - 4 thick slices of low fat ham, smoked mackerel, 6 crab sticks and 2 hard boiled eggs.

Tea (Planned) - beef stir fryed with garlic, soy sauce (low salt) and ginger. Or might be chicken in fat free yoghurt with spices...

Have actually managed the 1.5 ltrs of water already (and had a diet coke!) so feeling good about that. My weakness is the eveings though so hoping I can get through tonight easy enough.

Also a bit worried about the weekends - but hoping that starting on a Friday will keep me motivated over my first weekend!

Over the years I have banished scales so will be reluctantly investing is some over the weeked so I can keep track of my progress.

Have a good weeked
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Didi M

Full Member
You can do it!!!!! Try a little vanilla and sweetener (I use Stevia - in the raw) in non fat yogurt. I freeze mine and pretend it is ice cream on PP days. ( I just got off of ATTACK, and now I am trying to sound all veteran.... LOL :) ).

Didi M

Full Member
Oh, you can have that on attack btw.
Thanks Didi! Day two hasn't been too bad, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for brunch, have been munching crab sticks and turkey all afternoon and about to have a BBQ!

Good tip on the sweetener, will see if I can find that

Has anyone else tried the flavourings from the dukan website? I have the coconut one and am finding it has a really horrid after taste....anyone else?
Wow - Did that 'ice cream' works!

Over the weekend I made the oatbran muffins - they were actually really good, but a bit too easy to scoff so I think I might hold off making those again.

Have also discovered egg whites in a carton - brilliant! I actually add cinamon and sweetner to my egg white omlette and had it with ff natural yog - actually quite nice!


Gold Member
Well done for getting started.

Soy sauce is a tolerated item so not really suitable for attack.
Your day one lunch is very salty, ham, smoked fish and crabsticks are all salty items, to have them all in one meal is a bit extreme. Do try and base your meals around unprocessed proteins.

Best of luck.
Thanks Jaqys, are you sure about the soy sauce? Only I followed the receipe from the book (Boef Luc Lac) and it definatley includes soy (and oyster sauce too!!):confused:

Agree about day 1 being a bit salty, but I was finidng it hard to think of stuff to take to work easily (no cooking facilities here). What do others take to work for lunch?
Hate to brag...!

Hi all

I am now on my last day of attack and feel fab! I havent found it too hard after all and am actually enjoying what I'm having. I havent cheated (knowligly!) once which i am absolutley amazed at, despite a couple of trials.

In particualar I had a big fancy client lunch today which i couldnt get out of (I tried very hard and have been quite nervous about this). I really thought my will power would let me down on Starters and worst of all deserts - but above all I really didnt want anyone to notice my 'peculiar' eating habits and raise awkward embarrasing questions!

It actually went off without a hitch - I filled up on roast chicken and prawns before going, then managed to ignore the bread and olives, refuse starters and ordered a sirloin steak (with no oil or dressing) and salad (which I artfully managed to make look as if I had eaten so it wasnt too obvious I didnt touch it!). I then pleaded over eating and declined the sticky toffee pudding and cheese board. I AM SOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF, as it is exactly these type of events which have lead to my weight gain.

I actually am not really looking forward to leaving the attach phase tomorrow - all a bit scary and new again. is it usual to feel like that?!?

have a good weekend all

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Yay Vicky - that's fab! How much have you lost so far?
I just asked a question about freezing yogurt lol so will be trying that out tonight!

Making some steak for dinner, yumyum! Good luck hun x

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Vicky_A1 said:
Thanks el aine, I have no idea how much I have lost!!! Weighing tonight so quite excited!!!

Enjoy your steak and icecream x
How did your weigh in go hun? z

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.

Are you moving on to PV now?! Wow, you've done so well!!! x

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