Dukan Diary 2021


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G: 10st3.3lb
Plan for tommorow:

B- coffee with milk
Oat bran pancake, teaspoon of light phili and 2 turkey slicses,1 boiled egg.

L- chicken breast, 2 seek kebab, Cottage cheese, 2 chicken slices.
(Over ate my lunch!)

Need to drink 2lt of water by the end of the day!

D- beef steak, cottage cheese bit of chicken breast.

30 minutes treadmill
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G: 10st3.3lb
3rd day attack

B: coffee skim milk
Oat bran pancake with light phili and 2 chicken slices.

S: 2 chicken slices

L: chicken breast, 2 seek kebabs, ketchup

D: beef steak, beef patty, 3 chicken wings.
Beef steak was too chewy could even eat it.

2 ltr of water
No treadmill had my 2nd covid vaccine today.
Weighed myself after breakfast -1lb
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G: 10st3.3lb
Day 4 attack: Weight today before brekki -2lb so happy with that! Sore and heavy arm and head due to vaccine but determined to have a 20- 30 minute walk at some point after a few paracetamols. Also need to keep up the water as getting to the dreaded constipation phase!

Plan for today:
Brunch: 2 egg omelette with 2 chicken slices cooked in and a slice of cheese, 2 veg sausages, 1 chicken wing (left over). Coffee with skim milk.

S: oatbran porridge with ff yogurt

D: chicken breast stuffed with garlic philli with cottage cheese and a seek kebab.

Treadmill or walk - didnt happen :-(
2ltr water minimum
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G: 10st3.3lb
Day 6 on attack:
Chicken breast, seek kebab, cottage cheese

S: oatbran bread, light phili, 10g cheese, chicken slice.

D: small chicken thigh, 2 beef pattys, doner meat.
Probs not the best choice with donner meat but i had bought some frozen wanted to see what it was like so tried a little. Wont b trying that again.

S: ff yogurt

Still not feeling well after 2nd vaccine, headache, heavy head n fatigue still. Also still suffering from vertigo.

No treadmill and not much walking today been lying down most of the day. Weigh in showed +1lb so not happy


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G: 10st3.3lb
Last day on attack! Its been hard 9 days and i havent lost much only 2lb so a little disappointed. Although i havent done any exercise either so thats partly to blame. Its either been headaches busy days or covid vaccine ailments! Hope to get some salad in my meals from tommorow.

B- coffee skim milk, ff yogurt
L- chicken breast, seek kebab, cheese and cottage cheese.

D- chicken breast steak and egg

Need to have my oatbran might try a pancake.


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G: 10st3.3lb
On my 3rd day of cruise on a pv day today. Loss has been very slow but im going to keep going. Only 3lb loss in 9 days of attack and 2 days of cruise but thats on me for not getting any exercise in. Works been a nightmare for past 4 weeks and yesterday had me in a little pity party cry for 1. Normally that would derail me and hubby offered to take me out for coffee but i declined and stuck to my planned meal. So that was a hurdle and normally one of my triggers to self sabotage.

I will start walking again from monday! (Treadmill)

B- coffee skim milk
L- spinich and chicken curry with 2 egg omlette
D- lettuce bed with chicken,pepper, onion stir-fry on top.

Made my own dukan mayo which is pretty nice so might have that on the lettuce a little.

Fathers day is loaded fried for the fam and loaded chicken on salad for me! (Hopefully)


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S: 16st2lb C: 15st2lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 1st0lb(6.19%)
How’s it going Sona?
Great planning!! Have tried making any bread yet?