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Dukan Diet



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didnt want to read and run

I am on cambridge but this diet looks quite manageable
as you say will take some planning - but even as a vegetarian I think its doable - stage one for me might be short though - but I would most likely add in some tofu as it is 0 carb and that is what the first part is about banning all carbs so you hit ketosis quite quickly
if you can stick to that part for about the five days
will be really interesting to see how you get on with the plan
might be something for me to use after cambridge :)


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Hi i read in a magazine on saturday about this diet sounds good.

all the best im still on CD hope to finish very soon, im looking at what diet to follow after CD.

good luck x
Hi Shanny and Aaleigha, I can't do CD as it actually gives me depression! But I love its results. I did it last year for 6 weeks and lost 2 stone but have regained it all. Good luck to you, it works.
Well I stuck to Dukan today and it was very easy because you get this oatbran gallete which is incredibly filling. So I'm sure I will manage to stick to this for 6 days and then alternate with veg days. I don't think it would be easy to do though if you are a vegetarian. If you can stick to CD you should as it is so fast. But you do regain too very quickly as I have discovered.
Let me know if you decide to give Dukan a go as it would be good to have some pals to go along with.


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I agree it might be difficult as a veggie
but with slight modifications to include quorn and tofu - low carb and low cal it should be possible as it would only be the first phase that is boring in huge capitals but as I am yet (three weeks in) to find a way of taking the cambridge stuff that makes it tolerable and for me not to have to neck it down as it makes me gag it might be worth me considering
I am going to stick to cambridge for as long as I can
I will be having my shakes hot with coffee and very dilute - they are far too sweet and artificial but I would love to get the results
will be watching your progress with great interest as it might be my way of maintaining in the future :)
so glad day one was relatively easy
what is an oatbran gallette


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I'm going to give this a go too. I need to get the oat bran, and am trying to plan ahead & come up with meals for the 'attack' phase, as I'm not a big meat eater normally (I practically live on veg!).
Any recipes/meal ideas anyone?
Hi people,
The oatbran galette is a mixture of oatbran, fromage frais and egg, fried like an omelette. I put loads of roast beef in mine today and had it for lunch and it is hugely filling and I'm a big eater! I have to say although I'm only on day 2 I'm finding it really easy because of the oatbran and I like the idea of the alternate days as it gives you something to look forward to. I don't know what the results will be like right enough.
I don't know that there are very good recipes during the attack phase as you are so limited but last night I had a lean burger and onion as that is allowed and some king prawns and a fat free yogurt later and it was good. I suppose you could make up sauces with the fromage frais and spices that might be nice over meat but I'm looking forward to the cruise phase when I can make it more interesting with veg.
BTW Holland and Barrett have a deal on of oatbran at the moment.


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Good- I need it! LOL! I've read of different kinds of 'burgers' you can make up using the oat bran. Basically using the oat bran, egg (whites), some ff cream/cottage cheese, herbs/spices and some kind of meat- beef, turkey, chicken, tuna etc. etc.- mix all together & make into 'patties' & bake? They could be a good way of introducing some variety?
I make a fish 'chowder' type soup that could be adapted to work during the attack phase too I think? Poach some chopped fish fillets in skimmed/ff milk, add mixed herbs & black pepper, a little cream cheese & blend to your preferred consistency? Filling and easy to make.
Also, I've read of some yoghurt marinades for fish/chicken so I'm off to find those. I'll be back shortly...

EDIT: Okay, mostly simple enough, but I think I'd rather cook them in it like a sauce rather than use them as marinade? Might be more satisfying? Anyway...
Tandoori-style - FF yoghurt with turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, paprike, ginger & black pepper
Fish: FF yoghurt with either chili, ginger, garlic, and curry, or dill & black pepper
Chicken: ff yoghurt with paprike, cumin, garlic & black pepper, or basil, oregani & black pepper.
Beef: mainly came up with black/mixed pepper & garlic, nothing too exciting but maybe worth a try?
All could be 'thinned' down with FF milk or water while cooking?
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Thanks Irish mum, these sound good, esp the fish chowder. Variety is actually the spice of life when dieting isn't it? Cos when I get bored I cheat.
Have you started yet? I have done Atkins in the past but so far this is easier because of the oatbran, don't know if I'm losing yet though but only on day 2 - I want to be instantly thin!


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Good luck girls - its great now there are two of you - you should be able to support each other :):)
still following with interest :)
Hi Clare, it's easy to start but you just need to make sure you buy the oatbran as I tried it first without that but it makes a huge difference. Good luck for when you start and join us and we'll team up. x


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I'll join you on this one, i've bought the book too and want to start this weekend. I'm hoping to lose a bit of weight for my holiday in June. The Dukan website showed that I can lose 7lb in 4 weeks so I thought it would be worth a try.

I've been on the slimmiing world diet previously and now i'm struggling to lose those last few pounds. :)


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LOL! It's catching on eh? Well, we've nothing to lose- except the excess lbs hopefully!
I'll be starting on Sunday or Monday- I need to get supplies in first (oatbran especially!). I plan on doing the attack for 5days, then move on. Good luck everyone- and post any other 'recipes' you can think of. I agree with you Broxi, I need variety too, and I definately need to plan ahead...or temptation can overcome me....LOL!


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I'm starting.

Okay, I haven't got the oat bran, but I will tomorrow or saturday. I'm only putting off what I could be doing now really. I have a family function next saturday and want to be back on meat/veg by then to prevent awkward questions.
I've stocked up on chicken breasts, lean turkey ham, seafood sticks, smoked salmon,ff yoghurt/c cheese & quark(?), eggs, & re-stocked my herbs & spices, and the fishmonger is in town in the morning so I'll get some fish fillets then- so no more excuses.
I've done out a little water log to make sure I'm getting at least 3l of 'pure' water a day (I'm a tea addict (black), so will try to not count that...:eek:)

Here goes....start weight- 11st 9lbs.:)cry::sigh:)


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Hello girls and glad to see you having a go at Dukan... I've been chatting to several people by MP but basically I've done this diet (ahem, several times) in France so if I can help... obviously I haven't much of a clue as to what products you can find, as I've only done the diet in France (and often couldn't find things myself when visiting England) so I'll be learning from you guys re ingredients available.

Good luck anyway... and please think to take a multivitamin (sugar free of course!)


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Hi Maintainer- thanks for dropping in! Any advice would be appreciated, especially to get through the attack phase! I'm normally a big veg eater so I hope it's not going to be too tough for me? Though I love fish & chicken so hopefully it won't be too bad? I'm taking a multi-vit daily (as well as my thyroid meds & psyllium husks to keep me *ahem* regular!) and drinking plenty so far.

I know you've 'lapsed' but how did you find the diet generally?


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Hello there Irish Mum... like you, I'm a big veg eater (and love growing my own on a small veg plot!) BUT I told myself that it wasn't veg that got me to my high weight (and, let's face it, I don't go near them when bingeing either...), and so I did very nicely without them!

Basically, I love the diet because the rules are so strict that there's no room for manoeuvre. Trying to lose the way I am now (willpower) is so much harder... so much temptation... so much HUNGER. I don't feel hungry with Dukan - possibly the first day or two of the first phase, but as you can eat protein freely, no problem!

I tend to cook in advance, and freeze in portions, to facilitate my life. And at the weekend I prepare things for lunches in the week. I do tend to eat rather repetitively week after week, but I'd do that anyway.

A typical day for me on attack would be:

Breakfast - muffins (made with galette recipe, but I quadruple the quantities, and make 12 muffins... 3 per day. Can be frozen no problem).

Lunch (eaten at work):
- salmon fillet (poached in skimmed milk with cumin)
- mini quiche (I make a batch of six in muffins moulds and put different things in)
- chicken
- fat free yoghurt

- chicken piece
- fat free yoghurt

large grilled steak or lean burger (in France you can get 5% fat ones, or I mince my own lean meat); or perhaps a turkey piece...
flan (homemade Dukan recipe)

Before doing the diet, I'd already dieted a lot in the past (see signature) so I knew about grilling, steaming, wok cooking etc., but the diet did encourage me to cook more with herbs and spices for flavour. I now eat far more spicey than before.

If I miss anything with Dukan, it'd be CRUNCHING...

I'll be joining you after my week's holiday (in England!) from tonight... best way I know of to lose weight quickly... but I do need to work at sticking to phase three properly - CRUCIAL this bit else of course one regains all... like with any low carb diet stopped suddenly.


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Ready to start the Dukan Diet

So I've done my shopping ready for the attack phase (see blog). I'm quite looking forward to doing this diet. As I am used to doing slimming world it seems quite similar - like doing a "red only day" (without the fruit, veg and starches for the first week or so). I like the idea that the other foods are slowly re-introduced over a 3 week period. Also because it is a strict diet I am less likely to stray from it and be tempted to over do it on my syns. I only need to lose 7lbs for my holiday in 4 weeks time so I am hoping this will work :)

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