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Dukan diet?

im sure someone whos been on it a while wil come and explain it all to you asap
Ive been on it a week and lost 4lb its a protien diet days of just protien and then days where you add certain veg in every so easy to follow and you dont get hungry


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Hello there and welcome,

This link will start you off nicely, and then please come back with any questions you might have.

I don't know the Lipotrim diet, so I don't know what effect switching from one to the other might have on your weight.

See you soon!
No its pretty straightforward. Well for the first 2 stages.
On attack(short period up to a week) you eat protein rich foods that are low in fat and oatbran.
On Cruise(until you hit 'true weight') you up the oatbran a little and add veg for some days a week.
Consolidation sounds a bit more complicated to me but its ages off so not studying it yet ;)

Theres a bit more to it but its not complicated, just restictive.


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It is a commitment, as there's a list of approved foods and anything not in that list is NOT ok... (any slip up means your coming out of ketosis and therefore not getting the desired weight loss, so I find that a really motivating thought...)

BUT, it's very easy because, aside from those foods, nothing else is allowed. No weighing. Measuring. Counting. (A little on Cruise phase if one eats "certain foods", but we tend not to...).

Phase 3 is only when you're at target - so we can all handle a bit of hard work when we're skinny minnies!


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why don't you have a look at our menu today thread and see what we're eating. most of us are on phase 2, the longest phase which you stay on until you're at target weight.


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It's totally different where FAT is concerned... Cheryl and Vicky are ex-Atkins people... but neither is around at the moment...

Dukan is low fat, low carb
Atkins is low carb
I did Atkins too, didnt loose an awful lot though, this diet has been pretty instant for me so far, I was also worried about the amount of fat I could have on Atkins especially all the fried stuff, I have enough fat on me with out adding to it.

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