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dukan - honest opinion


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Hi All
Ive tried WW and recently SW - failed miserably but I am getting so worked up about my weight. I thought I would do Dukan to give me the push I need if I could lose some weight I would feel so much better about myself and have the motivation to carry on. Is the books worth buying?
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you x
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Yes. Google for some background info, read the diaries here and definitely buy the book. If you're still keep plan carefully when to start and the GOOD LUCK it's worked for me :)
You don't say how much you weigh / want to lose / need to lose. Dukan is not so good for people already in the fairly healthy BMI range.


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Definately buy the book, it is less than a fiver on Amazon. Read it and see what you think. I like it because the rules are black and white. There are no, well could I, it is either you can or you can't. That worked really well for me. No question of a small piece of cake, it is no cake. I also found that I lost my cravings and rarely felt hungry.


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All weight loss plans "work" to a certain extent ;)
I guess it depends what your end goal is, ChrisR. If you want to change how you eat for the rest of your life then Dukan will do that for you. I am 6 weeks in and already addressing much more about my eating than I did with 2 hours a week of CBT on LighterLife.
This plan is a restrictive plan - you must do entirely without certain foods. If you like to have a little bit of everything, you will find Dukan very difficult and you'll need a lot of determination to see it through if you have a lot to lose. It takes a bit of effort to get into the rhythm of the diet - and there is no point saying "can I change" or "should I have instead" because you're going off plan and compromising your weight loss. You have to like and enjoy meat and fish and eggs and non fat dairy to get the most out of this plan. If you cannot live without fruit, carbs and sugary, salty food, this plan will try the patience of a Saint.:eek:

Those are just the cons from my point of view (and I am no expert!!!)

Now, for the good bit :flirt2:

This plan WORKS. I have only ever dieted once before in my life, and that was a VLCD with 0 actual food intake for 14 weeks. This plan means you can eat unlimited amounts of more than 100 foods. That means A LOT of variation on the diet, and you never have to be hungry. You don't weigh or measure anything. So it's really easy in that respect, and if you have a social life or family commitments, it's easy to work it into your life. Have a look at some of the diaries of people on the forum who've lost a lot of weight, and more importantly, maintained the loss.

I recommend buying the book, and asking yourself if you can commit to the Dukan plan. If it's right for you, you will find it very rewarding and effective.

Plus you get to hang out here with all of us, and we are LOVELY!:D


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Starting dukan was the best decision I ever made :) it works and is easy to stick to! X


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I would definitely recommend buying the book. I was at a loss what to do last week (had been doing sw but got bored/started to cheat - had a successful week on ww pp but then slipped after just a week too) so I decided to buy the book and start straight away. By start I mean try it. I was quite sceptical tbh. I seriously doubted my ability to stick to it - but I have (only been about a week now though) and I am full of optimism now. I find that fact that it is restrictive easier.


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By all means buy the book, you can always Ebay it if you decide no! Or check out your library.
I did it for 2 weeks and had great losses, but I couldn't do it in the long term, it wasn't for me.
You do have to commit to do it for life and I discovered I didn't like meat, fish and eggs enough to be able to use those as my main food source.


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You do have to commit to do it for life and I discovered I didn't like meat, fish and eggs enough to be able to use those as my main food source.
It's true that Dukan is a lifelong commitment much the same as any diet, if you go back to eating the way you did before you will regain the weight you lost but you definately don't use protein as your main food source for the rest of your life only for the first 2 stages of the diet


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Be aware that you will be getting positive answers to your question simply because those who are unable to follow the diet and/or don't see positive results are likely to drop the forum when they drop the diet.

That said - the Dukan diet has changed my life. After years of frustration and failed weight loss attempts I feel as if I have finally been given the keys to the body I have lived in for 40 years. I know *exactly* what to eat to loss weight, to gain weight and to stay the weight I want to be.

I lost weight to the exact schedule the Dukan site suggested (to the very day) without experiencing hunger, cravings or any sense of deprivation.

And it is real food - real fresh honest tasty food, cooked from scratch. Not fake bars, or shakes, or ready meals or rubbery "lite" cheese.


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I agree with most of the below points except for the one about meat. I'm certainly eating more meat than before, although I wasn't vege, but I've found my loss more steady if I focus substantially on fish and poultry with occasional steak, usually venison, or extra low mince made into herby garlicky burgers. I also find that if caught out having a meal out for some reason, fish and seafood are less likely to wreck the diet. If I've fallen off the wagon for some reason, a substantial piece of baked salmon is good for satisfying hunger, which you tend to get if you've had carbs for some reason (including silly binge). I suspect the oil in salmon helps, as this is known to lessen cravings.
While the diet is good at avoiding hunger, we don't escape the wish to binge now and then, but it's easier to avoid than when cutting calories and you don't feel weak beyond the attack and sometimes very early cruise stage


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When my dad first instroduced me to dukan I thought, how can you live basically off chicken and tins of tuna?! And without pasta and bread! And roast potatoes with a sunday dinner! I hve to say though, it is a lot easier than you would think. I can happily have Sunday lunch without poatoes or yorkshire puddings and I really enjoy homemade meatballs without the spaghetti.

My thoughts on food have changed so much. And I admit I have had a couple of lapses with regard to chocolate but that's the only thing I really miss.

Actually makes me realise how many carbs I was eating and how bad they were for me xx


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Im new to this but was in the same boat as you a week ago when I was reading this forum.
4 days into Attack and 5 lb down, hubbie 4.5 lb down speaks volumes.
All plans will work but its finding one which works for you, this suits my hubbie so well as he's allergic to weighing food lol.
I have found lots of receipes and if you've followed SW which I also have then your 100 Original Receipes will give you a good idea of what you can eat ;)
Good luck with whatever decision you make xx


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Buy the book and see if it speaks to your situation. I wish I had tried this sort of diet when I was 30 pounds overweight instead of 80. Instead I did weight watchers, slim fast, and my own improvised diets and just ended up gaining more weight as I failed. As I got heavier it seemed insurmountable and I tried more and more extreme diets. Dukan is taking the weight off without too much effort other than not eating the foods not on the list. I love not measuring and eating until I feel full and still losing weight!


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Thank you to everyone for your fab replies its certainly given me food for thought! - ive ordered the books from amazon.
Im going to continue with my research to try and get my head around it as im confused about some stuff (I need to know exactly what im doing) e.g. attack phase - pure protein so how do u cook it obviously no sauces etc. When can you introduce vegetables etc.
I have around 3 stone to lose but I dont expect a miracle any weight loss would be great. I think if I could lose just a few pounds this would spur me on to continue. My lovely husband has just said he will support me all the way - ah!
I am going to need all your help please - LOL
Well im off to read all your brilliant posts - thank you so much xxx


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attack phase - pure protein so how do u cook it obviously no sauces etc. When can you introduce vegetables etc.
You really will find the book answer most of your questions, but just to answer these two -

1.) there are plenty of sauces and marinades you can use to cook in attack, just not those based on carbs. For example - try marinading chicken in balsamic vinegar and garlic, or in yogurt with garam masala, lemon juice, chillis and salt before grilling or baking it. Make a dipping sauce of yogurt with coriander and black pepper.

2.) Vegetables (excluding potatoes, sweetcorn, peas and a few others) are introduced as soon as attack ends - so for most people that would be after 3 days - and are eaten on alternate days thereafter.

If you find the diet suits you there is no reason why you shouldn't lose 3 stone - I lost 2 and 1/2 stone in 3 months, and have (so far, fingers crossed) stayed that weight for the 2 months since.


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S: 11st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 0st4lb(2.41%)
If you go to the official dukan website and enter your details you will get a personalised recommendation of your ideal attainable weight, the number of days of attack and the date when you are likely to achieve your goal.

It's free (you just need to give an email address) and, in my experience, it's accurate.


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Thank you Atropos and everyone else for all your help. Dukan starts tomorrow, the new George Foreman is sitting in the kitchen, Tesco yesterday food shopping. Hope the book comes today from Amazon. More recipe finding and research later :)). Ive kept most of this week free from social engagements (LOL) so that I can ATTACK & concentrate. Just hope this awful weather improves so that I can do more exercise. Watch this space!!!

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