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Dukan novice

Hey everyone :)
I'm in week two now of the Dukan diet, going okay I think! I am 5'4" and started at 220 pounds, now down to 209 and hopefully heading to 165 :) I am a nurse, working shifts and I'm onto nights this week which may be an interesting challenge. I'm thinking doing the PP/PV days from midnight to midnight is easiest and just switching halfway through the shift? I'll let you know how it goes :)

Last week was hard at first, I got really put off food and nauseated for a day or two (totally unlike me) but then it calmed down and now its fine! I love the feeling of not needing to eat carbohydrates, its fantastic and helps me feel in control of eating - a huge problem for me in the past.
I've been overweight for as long as I can remember and I've only made one serious attempt at a diet before and didn't have the commitment to stick with it.

I think I'm probably drinking too much diet coke (the cans seem to be piling up rather quickly) and I think the body is still adjusting to the protein, bit of a shock to the GI system! But its totally worth it to see the results and to feel some control over food and eating :) I just found out we're allowed toffee muller yoghurts? Awesome, vanilla is starting to pall a little bit!

Peer pressure when going out has been a slight problem (especially in the pub) but getting a glass of diet coke and just saying "yes, I'm drinking" seems to have worked ;)

I'm really pleased to find this group! Hope everyone is having an awesome week and keep it up :)
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hey hun ....welcome
Im 5 ft4 ....like you and was aroung that weight 7 months later im heading towards the goal ....Im the worlds worst dieter .... and i have too much pepsi max also i can drink 4 cans a day but it has been consistant and i dont always stall so it cant be that when i do ...im not giving up everything lol
Hey scrumper, wow, you're doing great :)
oh, I'm totally with you, we can't give up everything! I'm the same, easily can drink three or four cans in a day... I am currently trying coke zero just for a change but I don't like it as much... maybe I'll give the pepsi a go? Thank goodness we're allowed caffeine! Am I supposed to do more PP days if I make a mistake with my diet or just keep going on as normal, what would you recommend?
i used to be a full fat coke girl cant stand coke zero ...but love pepsi max !!!
if you slip up do 1 or two strict pp days and drink loads of water to flush out the nasties !!
this diet will forgive a couple of slips but not regular ones
think positve and you will do fine
I've luckily always been a diet coke girl :) I walked through the baking section of Sainsburys just now looking for wheat bran (unsuccessfully) and those raspberry doughnuts smelled very nice.. but I didn't pick them up :) Very proud of myself, had a celebratory yoghurt for dessert :)
Thanks for the advice and encouragement!
well done !!!!!!!!!! wheatbran in supermarkets near the porridge in a orange mornflake tube usually , cheaper from a health food shop
thats a shame ...down here i cant get it in tescos but can in sainsburys


Dukan Ancestor!!
Thanks for the advice guys, Anjuschka I'm in Cambridge too so maybe I'll give the ASDA a go! I definitely want to find it because I'm keen as to try the muffin recipes that are on the boards :)
I had a minor slip up today, thinking I was scheduled for a night shift but the roster had changed and I wasn't told.. I got the dreaded 7am phone call "where are you??" so I had to rush in to work, not having anything prepared except a couple of yoghurts I grabbed on the way out the door. I thought maybe I could make it for the 12 hour shift but I succumbed and bought a sandwich. Gutted! I'm on a PV day and it was ham and salad so hopefully the bread won't count against me too much, apart from that it was only the yoghurts and some diet coke + water.. I guess I'll find out on the scales tomorrow.
Lesson learned! Always have something precooked that can just be grabbed in a hurry!
yep in an emergancy a pack of meat is a good idea ...i also buy small packs of prawns , lidls do a great handy pack ......
never mind lots of water to flush out the carbs xxx


** Chief WITCH **
Good luck kiwi. It always amazes me that healthy food is impossible to find in a hospital canteen! You'd think they at least would make an effort! Having spent many months myself in hospitals (visiting... and a bit of working), I sympathise. Perhaps we should petition Jamie to have a go at hospitals, now that he's sorted(?) schools!

Oh, totally, I think its amazing there aren't even any salads or anything in hospital canteens. At home we have healthy eating policies in a lot of the public hospitals and you can't even buy a can of full sugar drink unless you go outside the hospital. Even when we have leaving do's etc we're encouraged to bring in healthy options. Good idea about Jamie... definitely something could be done!

Night shifts are going okay so far! Last one tonight (whew) :) The scales don't seem to have moved much so far this week but I'm okay with that, I suspect that after the big weight loss last week the veges slow things right down. I tried ASDA for wheat bran but didn't find it so I'll be off to Holland and Barrett after work tomorrow. I'm a woman on a wheat bran mission...
Hope everyone's having a great weekend xx


Dukan Ancestor!!
things right down. I tried ASDA for wheat bran but didn't find it so I'll be off to Holland and Barrett after work tomorrow. I'm a woman on a wheat bran mission...
Hope everyone's having a great weekend xx
Hi hope you've recovered from the weekend! In ASDA I bought the Jordan's Wheat bran around the new year, it was on the shelf above the porridge oats etc. but they keep moving everything round don't they!
My tip as you're local (**waves**): get your bran from Daily Bread in Kings Hedges, I not only buy my brans there but also lots of other whole foods (I bake all my own bread with home-ground flour...)
Daily Bread Co-operative - Cambridge


I paid on Monday:
Oatbran 1.89 /kg
Wheat bran (organic) 1.69 /kg

Good luck!
Yes thanks, back to normal now :) Night shift lowers inhibitions though, I nearly got a chocolate bar.. but I resisted, quite happy about that now!
Thanks so much, I just had a look and its a nice bike ride from my house to Kings Hedges so I'll go out there tomorrow (as long as its not bucketing down!). I've had a look at the recipe section of the forum and you've put some really interesting looking recipes, I'll have a go at one or two tomorrow :)
I'm down to 94.5kg... so 5.5 lost so far!


** Chief WITCH **
Gosh that's a great loss Kiwi! Well done you! And that bike ride sounds like a good (exercise) idea too.

Well done for resisting the urge to buy that chocolate bar. Each time you resist something makes the next time easier (but perhaps plan a little "something" for when you knock off night duty next time?)

Why not join in the menu thread and let us know what you're eating?
Thank you :) I don't know why I'm jonesing for sugar so much at the moment! I normally crave a packet of chips or a burger so its a bit weird that I'm wanting icecream and chocolate.
I finally managed to track down some wheat bran today, yay :) I have tons of it now.
It was a good day for a bike ride, nice and clear and the roads were dry, I hate cycling when its wet. I don't have a car so I rely on my bike to get to work etc.

I think that you are right about the night shifts, I went and got some sugar free jellies today as I read somewhere on here that they are alright, I hope I'm right about this? Hoping they might help sort out the night shift problem! I have them again this week so I'll soon find out!

I made the moist vanilla cake recipe from the other board today, I think it turned out okay although next time I might cook it for a bit longer as our oven is pretty old.

Today I've eaten (PV day):
Scrambled egg with onion and chopped up turkey ham
Piece of moist vanilla cake with fat free quark and some low fat ham
A sugarfree jelly (fingers crossed these are okay!)
can of coke zero
And I'm thinking a salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) with maybe some mince or something for dinner..


grammar police
You're fine with sugar free jellies kiwi - many on here have them, I'm a recent convert - they're brilliant for hitting a sugar craving! I also find the muffins satisfy any 'cake' cravings if I get them.


** Chief WITCH **
Just ensure that your portion of vanilla cake contains your daily allowance of oatbran... that's the problem with those sort of recipes, if we start eating too much or too little of it...

My muffins take 20 mins to cook in my city ventilated oven and 30 mins in my country "normal" (and older) oven!
Thanks Emmma, I'm glad about the jellies! I completely caved in today unfortunately and ate a kit kat... its amazing what a difference it made to my mood! Really makes me understand how much I use food to self medicate. So... HELP please.. should I go back to attack again now that I've messed up? I've had a look in the book but its not too helpful regarding what to do when you stuff up... Also, any tips about how to manage a bad mood/boredom without resorting to junk food... I've been using it so long I don't really know what to do without it :(

I was doing quite well up until then too!
B- vanilla yoghurt with oatbran (yum), chicken ham
L- chicken breast on the grill with some spices and a bit of quark, diet coke
D- egg and chicken with a KIT KAT.. grr. more diet coke.

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