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Dukan Take Aways


Spring Challenge!
The chicken and bacon grilled salad from McDonalds claims to have low carbohydrates and low fat - would this be Dukan friendly minus any sauce.

Subway - they do salad bowls with a choice of meat (chicken breast, ham). I am guessing these could be tweaked so that they are Dukan friendly too?

Has anyone eaten at such restaurants while following the diet?
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I wouldn't risk it - make and take your own lunch - surely these are the kind of places we should be avoiding?


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Don't trust McDonalds.

These are just some of the the ingredients listed for their Chicken and Bacon salad.

Wheat Flour
Vegetable Oil
Maize Starch,
Potato Starch
non-hydrogenated vegetable oil

If I need a quick takeaway lunch I just buy chicken bits or prawns from the nearest supermaket with a small bag of salad leaves - that way I know exactly what I am eating, and I get more for my money too.

I always have the subway salad it's massive with extra turkey breast. I always assumed this was ok

I would avoid anything from mcdonalds though


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I've not tried either but I agree - stay clear of McD, and the subway ones do look okay (chicken or turkey only really), obviously NO DRESSING and don't have the olives either. They don't post exact ingredients, unless maybe elsewhere on the site where the meat are listed in breakdown, because if there are hidden fats and carbs that's where they will be.

SUBWAY - Eat Fresh | Menu | Salad's & Wraps


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Yeah I would stay well clear of mcdonalds. Not sure about subway though.

I always have a 'team lunch' with my team at work one every two weeks and we have taken to going to nandos. Mainly coz I can't go anywhere else (now the mussells are no longer in season :( ) I just have a half chicken or a chicken breast but don't eat the skin or sauce (as that is the most fattening part apparently) on a PV day I have a fino salad with it too. It's not as boring as it sounds.

But as others have said I also nip to a local supermarket and buy some prawns or chicken or smoked salmon/mackrel I usually do that if I haven't done my weekly shop yet or fancy an afternoon snack.



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I go to a local burrito place which does a salad box, with steak or chicken and pico del gallo and salsa (though don't always risk that), it's a bit like having a subway salad with tastier meat.

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