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  1. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Back to try dukan again with a new set of challenges in store! I did very well on the dukan diet in he past and lost around 2 1/2 stone. I didn't see it through till the end though and inevitably put the weight back on :sigh:.

    This time around I have the added challenge of an underactive thyroid, but also an even bigger desire to loose weight. I was dieting and spending every day in the gym for 3 months and seemed to just be gaining weight. After googling I asked for my thyroid to be tested, only to find that it was severely underactive. I started medication thinking that the weight would just fall off but I had a bad reaction to the thyroxin which has made me very I'll for the last 3-4 months and I have put on even more weight too. My medication is slowly being sorted although not quite there yet but I am desperate to loose this weight.

    I'm a single mum of 2 who used to go out with friends every other weekend while my children were with their dad, however I have not been out once yet this year, partly because I haven't had the energy but also because I am just so embarrassed about how big I've got. :cry: I've tried weight watchers and several other things recently with no luck, the weight won't budge which means I loose motivation and then binge. I am aware that the loss might be slower this time around but know that if it is possible to loose this weight then I will loose it through the dukan diet. I've also found I have a gluten intolerance, which this way of eating fits nicely with.

    so armed with my gluten free oatbran, I'm ready to start day 1 of my 5 days of attack tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous, excited to loose weight, nervous I won't and also a bit worried about whether this will deplete my energy levels further but......I feel with my weight making me so flipping miserable at the moment it's worth a try, fingers crossed this is what my body needs :)
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  3. Maintainer

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    I wish you all the very best. I don't know anything about thyroid issues though and hope this sort of a restrictive diet won't cause you any problems. Did you check with your doctor that it would be ok for you to do it?

    Good luck!
  4. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    I am seeing my doctor today so will double check but all the research I have done states that the thyroid has a hard time processing carbs so I think that this way of eating may actually help. My only concern is that I felt so exhausted last time I did this and I really don't need to be anymore exhausted than I already am. Looking back though, last time I did the diet my thyroid would have been severely underactive without me knowing so the exhaustion may have been down to that. My plan is to take it a week at a time and see how I'm feeling.
  5. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Day 1 complete, fell straight back into the routine even though it's been over a year since I dukaned. No hunger at all and I enjoyed what I ate and felt no urge to binge on carbs which has been a daily struggle.
    food wise, breakfast, galette, lunch, half a hot chicken no skin, dinner, 100%beef burgers with 2xfried eggs followed by dukan egg custard.....yum!

    The result........-4lbs!!! The first time the scales have managed to move downwards in months. Very pleased
  6. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Day 2 done! Breakfast, galette, lunch, burgers and eggs, lunch steak and low fat bacon. Another 2 lbs down today, 6 lbs on two days!! I am so relieved it seems to be working. Feeling great this morning to. Energy levels are good and it feels good to be back in control of what I put in my mouth.

    off to play badminton with my children tonight, easing myself back into exercise before I go back to the gym!
  7. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Welcome tryin again!

    Great loss! 6lbs in two days is amazing!

    Interested to find out what your doctor said about Dukan and your thyroid?
  8. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Hi Bonkers, doctor said to just monitor how I'm feeling. If I feel worse then stop. From everything I've researched about hashimotos thyroiditus (which is what I have), the best things you can do to feel healthier are to go gluten free, sugar free and limit carbs. I know this diet inside out and it fits with all if that so I'm really hoping it will help.

    Loosing this weight is so important to me. I have low self esteem at the best of times and having put on 4 stone affects this massively. I just wish it could all fall of over night!
  9. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    It sounds like you know what you're doing!! Well done you! It's true that the overwhelming feeling of being back in control is something great this diet offers us. And I always find that my confidence soars as soon as I start losing - I don't even have to lose much for this to happen so I think it's happening to you too (out there playing badminton with the kids!!).

    Good for you
  10. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    I know what you mean, I felt slimmer on Tuesday the moment I woke up and I hadn't even started! Every morning waking up after a good dukan day feels great and is a big confidence boost. My stomach goes particularly flat on dukan also which I love!

    Day 4 today and I've had none of the first few days symptoms that I normally have, ie, headaches, lethargy etc. I was expecting all of that but hasn't happened. I know I'm in ketones also because I can taste it, yuk! No move on the scales this morning but so far so good! :) :) :)
  11. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Another 1 lb off after day 4. Love seeing the scales moving, even if it's just 1/2 lb after watching them rise for so long. Food still been fine, not got meat fatigue yet! Last day of attack today, then bring on the veggies :).

    I have decided to stop hiding away and go out for drinks with my friends tonight. I can't hide indoors till all I this weight has gone, I'm being ridiculous. If anyone has a problem with how big I've got then it's their problem (easy to say but I'm being brave this morning ) . Off to buy a new top today so I feel a bit better......and some more meat too!
  12. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    I know that feeling of feeling slimmer! I felt like that during attack and the confidence levels went sky high (strutting around in my size 26 tops and not feeling them bite underarm or at the tummy :D). But did anyone else notice - nah :p.

    Great loss tryin again!

    How did the night out go? xx
  13. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Morning Bonkers, my night out was fab thanks! Far too much vodka consumed and I'm paying for it this morning. We all spent most of the night crying with laughter and I didn't feel too large (probably the vodka), so it was a much needed night of fun :D. I know vodka really isn't allowed but I've always been able to get away with it in the past, it doesn't seem to slow down the weight loss and doesn't trigger any food cravings so it works for me and I'm happy with that!

    Another 2lbs off this morning, (that will be all the laughing), so feeling very chuffed with 9lb off in 5 days. I still can't believe it's working after not being able to loose weight for so long :eek:. That's attack done now and on to veggies today, I kind of wish I was doing a longer attack as the loss is sooooo quick, but I promised my children I'd make a roast and they notice when I don't join in and feel sorry for me. No roast pots for me, roast butternut squash instead and def no stuffing or Yorkshire puddings either. I might have to just sniff them and pretend.

    ive also just remembered in my hazy hungover state that it's bank holiday tomorrow! Yippie, happy Sunday everyone :):):)
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  14. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    2lbs and after a night of vodka? Wow! You can get away with it!

    I've always read that alcohol just empty calories that get used up before anything else (i.e. carbs or body fat). So you must have done a whole lot of laughing to use up the vodka and lose weight :D.

    I've got a cheat meal / day on Fri - note: not calling it celebration as I'm going to a bday brunch and will be eating and drink for about 4 hrs before heading off to a pub to continue drinking the night away :p... I haven't had any alcohol since Jan so I'm kinda looking forward to that.

    Have a lovely day with the family xx
  15. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    i think i can get away with it because it goes straight through me. I must have spent most of the evening in the ladies. When on dukan I have to remember to go to the loo every time I leave the house or else I'll get caught short! It's during the night that gets annoying. I hate waking up to pee :(. I bet you can't wait for Friday, you'll be a cheap date if you haven't had any alcohol for so long. Hope the hangover isn't too unkind :eek:
  16. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Yesterday was my first pv day, I didn't have any salad in so had just meat for lunch but made up for it at dinner by having a lovely roast. I cooked stuffing, yours hires and roast pots for my family but resisted them, as well as the apple struddle and ice cream. I wasn't really that bothered to be honest with you :rolleyes:

    Scales showed a 1lb gain this morning but hopefully after a pp day today that will have gone when I have my first weeks weigh in in the morning.....eeeek! Exciting!

    Went crabbing with my boys today, caughts loads! They had fish n chips while I had the left over roast chicken, I felt quite angelic, although the smell was soooooo good. Very short tempered today, think I need to eat in between meals a bit as I'm fine once I've eaten. I will hard boil some eggs for tomorrow so that my children don't think I've turned into the Incredible Hulk. :mad:

    Feeling tired red today, hoping an early night will sort me out and it's not my energy draining away again. I really would like to get back to the gym ASAP, trouble is I feel to fat lol. How ridiculous!
  17. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Loving reading you... I do enjoy doing roasts on Dukan as I always think it's one of the family meals that we can truly partake in. Potatoes have never bothered me, so I usually go for celeriac mash (which looks just the same and tastes IMNO better!). Yorkshire ok there's a testing one but, after a while when you start to allow yourself some tolerated ingredients, you can make a variation on a theme for yourself using your cornflour allowance, egg and skimmed milk. Even fish and chips, there is a Dukan version (you knew there would be...). Simply use your oatbran allowance to coat a decent piece of fish, and make veg chips in the oven! OK it's harder work than going to the chippy but it's possible, particularly if/when boredom sets in.

    I think you're doing wonderfully. I can so relate to your feelings about being too fat to go to the gym. However I started swimming when I was about your weight, having lost 6 stone already and I felt positively sylphlike! It just goes to show that it's all in the head so, even if it's difficult now to imagine that you'd want to, perhaps in a stone's time you'll be strutting your stuff too (at least for the 10 metres from the seat when you drop your towel into the water where we all look the same head up!!).

    Are you having a multi vitamin pill? It's advised. Get yourself some nice veggies to treat yourself...
  18. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Week 1 weigh in.......-10lb!!!! Woohoo!
  19. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Fantastic start!! well done xxx
  20. Bonkers

    Bonkers Gold Member

    Oh I still wake up to pee every night. But that's coz I down a whole litre of water before bed :)

    May not go this weekend. Not feeling too good so may chicken out. I enjoy eating off plan but drinking scares me. Can get a little naughty with the drinks and as I haven't had any for a while may be disastrous (roll eyes!!)

    Awesome loss! Well done!
  21. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Thanks Joanne, that's made my day. I often think my waffling in must be boring to read! There's certain foods I've gone without for a few months now since going gluten free, such as yorks hires and chippy chips. Even if I was tempted to cheat the thought of how ill they make me is enough to resist. Chocolate though........that's a different matter!

    I'd love to go swimming, again it's another thing I feel too fat to do. I live in a very small town and it would be Sod's law I would bump into someone I really don't want to with all my cellulite on show. I will give it some thought though, maybe I can be brave :confused:

    I am am having a multi vitamin, found that helped last time x
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