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Dulco Ease!


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This thread is going to contain talk about poo! So back up if you don't want to read. lol

I've had some Dulco Ease today, they are stool softeners. & bloody nora, they are brill!! I'm sure most of you suffer with the popcorn chicken hard bowel movements..... Well they soften it all!! I can't quite believe I've been doing this diet for near on 5 weeks without them..... Dulco Ease Rock!! Woohoo!!
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Any chemist.... Or Tesco in my case. Honestly, they are fab! It's part of the Dulco Lax family!!! No more watery eyes for me....! lol
I'm no expert but as i understand it you aren't supposed to use these while on CD.....

I think your supposed to use the natural type things...


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I have used the dulco ease before. They are a wonderful invention. They were recommended on either here or the othe cd website. No more glass poo for me :)


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I'm no expert but as i understand it you aren't supposed to use these while on CD.....

I think your supposed to use the natural type things...
Yes. Well...ducolax anyway. It was said that they were much too aggressive, and apparently someone had collapsed whilst taking them.

CD recommend you use a fibre supplement rather than a laxative to prevent the problem in the first place.

So....the cambridge stuff, or psyllium husks, or fibre clear.

If you do get constipation, use a laxative. Don't use fibreclear, ph or fibre89. It'll make it worse. They are not laxatives.

Right..so now for the confusion. I was told from a very clearly that Cambridge don't recommend ducolax (not sure whether that is the same as dolco ease), but then at a training day, they said it was allowed.:confused: So waiting to hear the final decision.

So until then, I wouldn't recommend it. Just to be on the safe side ;)

Mrs V

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I use the psyllium husks and they are brilliant!!
I was at the stage where I would cry every time my body told me I needed to go to the loo. I would disappear for hours only to give up, as nothing was happening...it was awful and I seriously considered giving it all up!
When I tried the psyllium husks that was it! Magic!!! I would add them to a shake and it makes a ready brek sort of consistency (esp. if using the vanilla one!).
Hope this helps!



please try again
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prevention is better than treatment and all that so the fibre suppliments to bulk out your stools is best as it then presses the bowel walls and stimulates you to go. relying on the laxative family can make ur bowels lazy so you end up needing laxatives all the time just to go.
if you get constapated then i found dulco pearlease ( was the one i was told to go for ) was good at clearing it overnight and then back to the fibre to keep you regular


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I suffer from regularly attempting to pass something the size of a cast-iron highland terrier, I took Dulco-ease for the first time ever last night and it made this morning's effort softer and a less elaborate shape = much less painful.....however I had horrible stomach cramps about 2 hours later once my breakfast started digesting.....


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Blimey! I must be really lucky because I was taking the fibre from the word go and it felt like I was trying to pass glass. Over the last 3 weeks I have stopped taking it and I haven't had any problems whatsoever!

Hope you all get over your toilet troubles xxx
one of the worst elements of this diet is the constipation. i don't get this as the shakes should contain everything your body needs. anyway, will try the dulcoease as am struggling since starting the bars this week


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KD. I didn't know that about Dulcolax. I can't take them anyway, as the pain makes me want to vom! But Dulco Ease are different. They are softeners, so they are no where near as strong as dulcolax.... They just help the movement come out a bit softer, & less bullet like. lol

DulcoEase - The facts about how DulcoEase helps

Here is a link, just to explain. x


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I also take Fibresure, but suffer with bad bowels... So this diet is making it worse.... It was nearly 11 days, up until last night!! Eye watering is not the word!!
Opps i have just bought the ducolax and taken a few as ive not been for 2 days and have crappy water retention and not feeling well in general. The cold isnt helping!

I have some f the husk things so will have to pop one in my porridge.
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Oh my god, dulcolax! I took it in my first week of CD and it made me feel so ill! It felt like the thing off alien was going to burst out of my chest and take my intestines with it. it took me 2 days not to feel poisoned. I did buy dulcoease but didnt use it again as it didnt seem to work. however have just read the above link and it seems you need to take it a few days for it to work. I find since I upped my redbush tea intake and had a bar a day I have had no problems. That and I also put a couple of teaspoons of husk into a hot chocky shake and it's like chock porridge and it all seems to help
S: 17st8lb C: 16st12lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st10lb(4.07%)
I could feel it in the first half hour of taking is and the pressure spasms built up over 2 hours...I went to bed with a hot water bottle to take away the pain and a couple of hours later...in the middle of the night I exploded! I had a horrible chemical taste in my mouth for ages after and my throat was red like it had burned. I doesnt affect everyone like that, but I swore I would never take another again. I hope you are okay with them. Just be ready to have a disturbed night sleep

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