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I have to agree it's the only thing that works so you can feel it working fab stuff xXx
i have been putting a teaspoon of pysillium (sp?) husks in my shakes and soups as i really don't want to get to the 'frozen pipes' stage.

they thicken them up really nicely. (mind you i think i put a bit too much in my veg soup at lunch and had to add more water.)

daisy x


nearly there!! :)
i refuse to go down the dulcolax route.
i tried lipotrim in the summer, and took that...the cramps were unnatural!!

hope it helped though lol xxx


Gone fishing
i refuse to go down the dulcolax route.
i tried lipotrim in the summer, and took that...the cramps were unnatural!!

hope it helped though lol xxx
Yes powerful eh! Ducolax isn't recommended on Cambridge BTW as it's considered too strong when you are on a VLCD.

I might go for some of this soon. I've generally been ok but the last couple of weeks have been a nightmare.
Okay you guys. Shouldn't be getting constipation. consitpation isn't nice :(

Why don't you use a constipation preventer like fibresure? Some of that in each shake throughout the diet, and no more constipation. Nicely soft and slippery :D

Also unlike laxatives, safe for regular use.

Caution though...don't use the stuff to get rid of constipation, just to prevent it.

So use your laxatives to get rid of it, then fibresure (or psyllium husks...if you can bear them) to stop it returning. Great stuff :)
How strange

That you should be discussing this.
I started RTM this week and for the first time my pipes have rrally frozen too.
Up till now I cou;dn't understand what the fuss was about and the fruit water flavourings helped things along nicely, but wow I know what SV has been going through for the last week.
Had to go out form work at lunch time and get Psyllium..............................
.................still waiting!

Thanks LS

Nice to know I might become normal 1 day !!!
Wow Andy, took your advice. *Far too much information to follow!*

Dear God in Heaven, I've definitely "unblocked the pipes"!!! But how long does this last?? I took one tablet last night about 9pm, and didn't actually get up until about 11am but have been about three times and feel like I've had a very hot curry! Yikes!!

Is Dulcoease gentler on the system? I'm definitely going to try and get the Fibresure that KD mentioned - where do I get this from? I'm just a little concerned now as I don't ingest enough to have it all coming straight back out again!

As a little end note though, I weighed first thing this morning then again after I'd 'been' so to speak and was 1 1/2 lb less!!!! LMAO!!!
You can get fibresure in boots, I'm def getting some tomorrow as I've been suffering badly with this. I will be using the dreaded but effective dulcolax as I'm just in so much pain again but am hoping that after this the fibresure will be enough to keep me moving,

Emma xXx
Emma you said before that you had suffered a bit after taking the Dulcolax, will the effects wear off soon??!!
Yeah, it COMPLETELY clears you out the just stops. But imo it's such a huge relief afterwards that the suffering is worth it for a wee while lol.

Emma xXx

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