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Hope you have synned them. I made cous cous cake today and found that it had loads of syns. I was so disappointed. Luckily I never eat the whole cake. Think it's the same with dumplings.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Basic/Non Branded Foods Grains, Couscous, ground/used as flour 28g
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Original 5 Syns [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
[/FONT] Green 5 Syns
I can't understand it either. But as my consultant said. When it's used as a flour substitute it's not free anymore. When I made my cake, I never grinded it. Think it needs more investigation.

If I come up with anything more I will let you know.
My consultant made something similar for a tasting session and said it's ok to have them for a snack. Therefore I've got no reason to syn these. I will check with her to make sure.:eek:
Interestingly, following an earlier thread somewhere about using cous cous as 'porridge' for breakfast, which we thought was a brilliant idea for when we're away in November, with only a kettle (you know what I mean!), we thought we'd take it further - sweet cous cous as a dessert.

So, for the Ruby Anniversary Party, one of the things we made was what we called a 'Jewelled Couscous Strawberry Dessert' which consisted of:- Made up CC + 2 Activia strawberry yogs + strawberry flavouring + red food colour (in honour of the Ruby theme - a big mistake this, it turned it a rather gory pink!) + chopped strawberries and sweetener, all mixed together, spread out in a flan dish (to make it easier to cut up), and decorated with half strawberries and pomegranate seeds. (Sorry, TMI, but I need to make my point!).

We labelled it as Zero syns (which should have been qualified with 'on green or EE'), but were immediately told that, as we were using it in a different way, ie sweet not savoury, it would have to be synned!

Have had a chance to discuss it with our Consultant since, telling her that we were intending to use it as porridge whilst we're away, 'cos we can't find anything else that we can have HOT without a microwave. She said fine if it didn't affect our weight loss, but using ANYTHING in a way that was not intended meant that you did have to syn it, because you COULD eat a lot more than was advised.

We did syn the polenta muffins that we took, but afterwards wondered about the 'Smash pizza base'. It IS all very confusing, and I totally understand Wishfairies disappointment over the couscous cake. We felt just the same, although I don't think we'd have eaten too much of the dessert, it was a bit 'rubbery' having been left to set solid in the flan dish - and we'd been worried about it falling to pieces!!!

Anymore info gratefully received! (You deserve a medal if you've read all this!!!)


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I understand that lasagne sheets used as crisps have to be synned, as it is normally the water that bulks out the pasta, thus limiting the amount you can eat.

BUT I really don't see how couscous used as a sweet has to be synned but not when used in a savoury recipe. What difference does it make if you mix it with onions and peppers or with strawberries and ff yoghurt? You still bulk it up with water and I'd argue that you can still only eat what you can eat of either.
Just had an email from slimming world. Think this clarifies everything we were discussing. Boo hoo.

Food Optimising works so well because you gain the greatest satiety from foods – it’s good quality, bulky food that fills you up. When we come to Syn value foods at Slimming World, anything that is used to replace flour is counted as Syns. So if you make cakes, bread, dumplings, biscuits or pastry using any grain, eg, polenta or couscous, we would recommend that you count it as Syns. The Syn value for the couscous would be: 5.5 Syns per 28g dry on Original and Green.
If you are eating this as an occasional low-Syn snack on Green and still losing weight then carry on. However, if your weight loss slows or stops, you may need to follow our recommendation that you count the couscous as Syns.
Kindest regards
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Thank you so much Wishfairies for finding this out - at least we ALL know where we stand now. It is very disappointing to know that we can't 'cheat', even a little bit!

Still hope that the 'Smash' pizza base, or when used as pastry is OK - as it's not a grain, we think it will be!!!
OOh, how exciting. I started a debate. I really didn't think this was misuse as I ate it as an accompaniment instead of say potatoes and it is savoury. Is it because it is mixed with egg?:rolleyes:

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