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Eating Like A Bear plus!
S: 22st10.6lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 43.6 Loss: 3st6.6lb(15.25%)
I'm back. I reversed most of my 2021 loss in 2022. Not sure why I fell off the wagon. I'm not sure how high I got as I half started a new regime and didn't weight mysalf. This past week, I've eaten very well - mainly carnivore with some dairy, two meals a day. I'm 4lbs down last week. I don't know what my starting weight in January as I was playing around without scales. I do know my size 26 jeans are getting very baggy, and almost falling down - when I filled them at the start of the month. I'm now being inetntional - mainly carnivore keto. So higer fat & protein, very low carb, mostly meat, fish and eggs with some dairy.

I'm going to start a Team 40 thread - as I aim to shed at least 40lbs by Xmas. Anyone care to join me?

Start weight 305.8 27.1.23 I 301.8lbs 21st7.8lbs I target weight 188lbs I target loss 118bs I
Target waist >33 inches

Month One: week one 4lbs down.
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