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EA Sports Active: Personal Trainer


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hey guys,
now i love my coach but check out this, it new to the wii and i am going to buy it as well, as it can track your lower body movements and you can also use the wii board.

soz if this does not mak sense i'm on holiday and am a little tipsy as i type this.:eek:
yeah i know i should be sticking to diet but hey ......soz.:copon:

anyway it looks good have read reviews 9as done search on google) and they all get positive reviews i am buying it tomorrow.

tryer xxx

edited to add...... i'm very tipsy and on holiday and i'm still thinking about getting fit....it's a way of life now (don't know if it's sad or not?).

have a good day .. tryer....xxxxx
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Have ordered this tonight off play.com can't wit for it to arrive


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hey guys sober today,(oh my gosh can't believe how out of it i was ) sun , drink, sand, sea, and then surfing the net don't mix ha ha ha any way, ...................yeahhhhhhhhh, i have the game/ fitness coach can't wait till i get home from holiday to try it out propperly.

have you tried yours yet evanesco?


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ok little update, i have tried this, and it is good, really makes sure that youare doing it right (the exercise).
and i works you hard you can use the wii board with it,
and if there is an exercise that you don't want to do then you can eliminate that exercise before you start as well.
there is a 30 day challenge with this as well which if anyone is up for it i may do with them starting next week monday. (as will be back from hol then and can spend time doing challenge etc).

it's good from what i can see at the moment,

roll on thursday. .... bet you can't wait evanesco?

krazykaz has yours arrived yet?

i wont harp on too much, will wait till you guys get yours and see what you think, and if you want to do the 30 day challenge with me.



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cool, can't wait for you to get it. (30 day challenge here we come......soon tee hee ).

we possibly need to take measurements to see if we tone up etc....in the 30 days and what ever diets/healthy eating we are doing see if we can stick to this as well.

tryer x

the box is about 30cm by 25cm and about 7 cm in depth.

how's the pole dancing (exercise ) going?


I'm the tortoise.
I'll take my measurements Sunday evening. I think I'll update each day with how long I've done and post once a week with ne measurements, hows that? I've not done much poling these last couple weeks, my main pc is broke, that has all my music on, and my cd player doesn't work. Although now I think about it, it's not much of an excuse, is it? I have a spare cd player. I have been doing some My Fitness Coach though. (Might go play on my pole for a wee while now)


I'm the tortoise.
I like it Tryer. I think I like My Fitness Coach more, however, I'm still up for the 30 day challenge. I think I'll start us a new thread, where we can post our stats, what do you think? How's the hols been?


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yeah i know what you mean i rank this 2nd in the wii fitness range at at the moment.
first by a long long way is my fitness coach.
what i have learnt is go through it so you know how to do all the exercises before monday.
then on monday when we start our challenge goto the preferences menu and take off all the hints and tips from the coach. (i think this lacks fluidity, and where are the crunches??? ha ha ha very good for arms and lower body..... i think we will get good bottoms from this game).
i think this may make it a little more fluid in play.

yes defo start a new thread for stats and daily updates.
how many hours of exercise you gonna do as i'm thinking i still wanna do my fitness coach as well. (as i love it).
i think in the evenings i will do active coach when i get back in from work. and in mornings do fitness coach. (and mix and match).
and on days of rest will probably do yoga to stretch out.

gonna also keep the logs on the coach and the active trainer.

i think the 30 day challenge will defo be challenging but i think that we can do it. and that as long as we stick to diets as well we theoretically should have a massive change in our bodies.

got back last night from newquay. i'm shatterred more now then when i started the holiday ha h aaaaa... but had a great time. was on a cider called rattler all i can say is woowwwww!!!! ;)
cider and sun for me.... =unfit, and weight gain. ahhhhh oh well i had a great time. now back on the waggon


I'm the tortoise.
I think I'm gonna give it 30 minutes for the active and maybe either do another 30 on my pole or 30 of Fitness coach. However, I'm away next weekend (Newcastle, Girls Aloud) so will take 3 days off and extend the challenge past those 3 days. It hurt my bottom lol my legs were killing me! I'm thinking if I proper try and give it my all, as well as doing my stretches for the splits I can make some serious headway this month. Scary thing is Big Brother starts soon too argh were will I find the time! I will though, I'm getting into my smaller clothes, even with this small lose I've had up to now.

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