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EA Sports Active vs Wii Fit Plus


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Hi all,

I have the Wii Fit Plus, and I lurve it!!! I have a riser for the balance board which I use when I'm doing the Step and Rhythm Boxing, and really starting to feel the benefits. However, what I don't do are the muscle and yoga exercises - too boring, and not enough calories burned!!

A friend from work has just got back from maternity leave and lost her baby weight by doing EA Sports Active, which she is totally raving about! I kinda think I might want to try it out myself, but would really like some reviews from anyone out there who has both games.

Which do you prefer? Why? Do you think you get better results from one rather than the other? Are there lots of cardio exercises on the EA Sports Active? It says it's Balance Board compatible, but what sort of exercises can you do on the Balance Board on the Active game? Any other useful comments?

Sorry for so many questions, but it's not a cheap investment to make for something that might only get used once, and then thrown in the cupboard!!

Thanks all in advance for your thoughts. x
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I have both, and I'm totally biased to EASA. It is Far more challenging, and I totally changed my shape using it. To be honest I didn't really use the board with the original one, but I do use it with the More Workouts, which has quite a good step routine. You would probably need to get a blue resistance band as the red one isn't much cop. I also have the Biggest Loser. That reaches parts that EASA doesn't ! I like the way both can be interactive, so you get diiferent programmes each time. I got quite bored quite quickly with Wiifit. The challenges keep that enthusiasm.


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I got quite bored quite quickly with Wiifit. The challenges keep that enthusiasm.

That's exactly what worries me with Wii Fit!! Enjoying it at the mo, but I've already opened up all the 'challenges' - such as they are! Thanks so much for your comments. I may well be trawling the shops for a 'bargain' this weekend! lol
I have wii fit plus. I have also go wii fit. When wii fit first came out I used it every day for about 2 months ad lost 1 1/2 stone. the problem I had I was spending longer and longer on it. I prefer wii fit plus because I put a time on how log I do the exercises. :)
Haven't tried EA Sports Active so I cant compare them sorry.
Maybe your friend from work would let you borrow it for a day or so, so you could try it. maybe do a swap over a weekend


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i love both! :D EA gives you best workout but i have wii fit plus and that gives you a good workout too... but more on the fun side! ... well most games, been doing those knife jacks on there and they hurtttt! :D

Both worth it tbh :) but if you want the cheaper option then it will be EAsports :)