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Easter Eggs (warning: chocolate mentioned!!)


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So, Easter isn't too far away, and I was wondering what we're all planning for the day foodwise - if anything! Are you having an egg, if so, what kind? Are you saving calories for the chocolate, or just saying "sod it" for the day. Do you dislike chocolate and are having something else instead?

I will be having a Cadburys Creme Egg Easter egg. Creme eggs are by far my favourite chocolate (it's more or less the only chocolate I actually buy these days), and the Creme Egg Minis Easter egg is on offer in tesco at the moment (3quid). I'll probably split my easter egg (and its contents) over two or three days. I usually exercise pretty much every day so if it were a regular week, I'd not be too worried about not having calories "banked" but my boyfriend is visiting from Holland for 10 days, and he's not really the exercising type, so we'll probably just go for walks, which means saving calories will be very difficult - which is why I'll be on maintenance calories whilst he's here!
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Ahhh I'm dreading it! But, I allow myself chocolate whenever I want it (as long as I have the calories available) and am still losing so I guess I can just substitute the choc. My problem is I don't do moderation! I get given about 8 large eggs (choc egg and 2 normal sized choc bars) each Easter!! That's a lot of choc!! I've asked some people not to get me any, but I am dreading it!


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Give them away if u get too many that's what I did last year and I just get one from my mum now and it's little but I say sod it and eat it in one day. I can't say no once I've got chocs at home so normally don't buy it. Easier than finding willpower I reckon!! X


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I am dreading it, I have 5 children so you can imagine how much chocolate is sitting on my Dining room table every Easter, they also tend to open more than one so they have unopened bits of eggs just waiting to be picked at, I also have an Egg myself.
My neices wedding is just 5 days after Easter so I am going to have to draw on all my will power not to pick or I won't get into my dress:( I will have my own Egg a small one and will enjoy it, I will just save my calories. I had 1/2 a box of Thorntons chocs on Mothersday, 600 cals but I didn't go over 1300 for the day so I hope I didn't do too much damage.
I think allowing yourself a small amount is probably the way to go;)
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I think I'm just going to say sod it for the day, and just eat half an egg, then half the next day.


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in.it.to.win.it said:
I think any that I am given I will take maybe to the childrens hospice or somewhere like that. I can't not eat it once I have it in the house!!
Glad u said that I feel the same!

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