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Eat a naughty meal or dont eat at all? Opinions please!


Fighting the bulge
Is it better when in the situation to eat unheathily rather than not at all?

Saturday i went to the football and took with me 2 grape snack packs, 1 stick of pineapple, 2 babybel lights and 2 alpen light bars.

Kick of was at 12 and id eaten it all by 3. The 2 boys i was with then ate a burger and a hot dog which i resisted, when we got back to liverpool street they both ordered McDonalds, i also resisted this, i had had 6 small vodkas and so had used up my 15 syns for the day.

I didnt eat anything for the rest of the day as we didnt go home.

Would it have been better to eat the McDonalds or not eat at all? Are they both as bad as each other?

Im curious to hear people opinions as i am often in this situation.

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This is just my opinion, but when you know that you will have a day where you may be tempted and need more syns, then try to plan this ahead and have less syns during the week, so you can use them up when you really need them. I had 1 naughty dinner once this week, but I didn't have many syns throughout the week and also had a much healthier fruit and veg day the next day, so think this more than compensated for my naughty night.
You could have had a healthier option at McD's (salad)?


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That's a tough one, as you don't want to starve yourself.

On the other hand, you did have SOME food and technically you remained on the plan, so in my opinion, this was a better move than having a burger and chips.

Although not ideal, and assuming this would be a very unusual day for you, I reckon the way you did things is just fine.


Alomst there :)
Huge, huge, huge well done for resisting the junk! I have to walk by a Subway today, my absolute weakness and it's gonna be hard.... But I am really wanting to get a good weigh in this week!

I think personally in that situation if I was hungry I would eat BUT I would try fond someting a bit lower in syns than a burger and chips, a pre-packed sarnie or something if you could find one, or even a salad without the dressing would be better than a burger (although not as satisfying!!!! especially after a few voddies!)... and of course it's so much easier to say this without booze inside me!

A Big Mac is 25 syns, medium fries is 12 syns and a 'McSalad' Grilled chicken salad without dressing and croutons is 2 syns!

(Just in case you ever need to know again ;) )


needs to focus!!!!
well done for resisting huni, Personally when i go to the football (nearly every week), i've been having a late breakfast, so i have it not that long before i head out to the footy, so that i dont feel the urge to have anything else.

But if i was in the situation and you really wanted something, i always think it is better having it and then as others have said, reduce your syns for the rest of the week or plan ahead, i dont think it helps totally cutting out everything when you do really want them (not saying that you did want them), just sometimes find it helps to go and have it, even if it is the healthier option.

Does any of that actually make sense, or am i just rambling lol. xx
Have you looked at the new nutritional values McDonalds put on all their food now? The last time I had a McDonalds (as a treat after weigh in) I saw how many calories and how much fat was in what I'd just eaten and it made me feel so sick. I've been put off it for good! In that situation I think I may be tempted to eat something bad rather than starve (but not McDonalds!!) but as everyone else has said, I would try and make up for it for the rest of the week - maybe make a big batch of superfree soup for the next day and try to do some exercise.


Fighting the bulge
Thanks for all your advice, i think had i of eaten it i would have felt guilty and would really have enjoyed it anyway!! I will keep the salad in mind! I thought it was high syns but its probably because of the dressing!! All the sandwiches i could find were 20+ syns and i wanted to save them all for my vodka.

I think im happy with what i did, you just hear so much advice on here saying 'maybe your not eating enough' that i wondered what was worse :)

I went on an all day training course recently where lunch was provided. Only lunch was a white barmcake filled with whatever you wanted:cool: So the options for me were to not eat until teatime or eat the barmcake & syn it up later. As I'd not eaten since breakfast I ate the barmcake, 14 syns:eek: do you know how much wine I can have for that!!

Put in the same situation again I'd do the same again, or check out the food available beforehand!


needs to focus!!!!
I think that my problem robsterswife, when at the footie (once in a blue moon) id rather drink than eat!!!:eek::eek::eek:
i'm the exact same, as we go to the pub before the match and after the match, if i know i'm only going for a couple i'll only drink diet irn bru, but if i know i'm going to be out all day and night i make sure i have diet irn bru with vodka lol. xx
I ?think you did fab. But maybe next time just take more food with you? For example I love john west salmon light lunch, can't remember the syns but think its 1.5. They are really filling and yum. I must confess I have been known to buy a plain salad in subway - no dressing or meat or anything - and tip on my salmon lunch when no ones looking lol. I am terrible for eating my own food in restaurants and cafes but I usually have my kids with me so I can always say its for them if ever I get caught out lol.

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