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Eat the god damned cheese Samantha eat it!!!


Must try harder!!
I have had a really rubbish few days and Im feeling crappy.

I have 2 ruptured and prolapsed discs in my spine from a serious RTC 2 years ago. This causes me almost constant but mostly manageable pain. Well, I had some surgery last year which worked wonders, however last week the pain became unmanageable with some paralysis again and I have been signed off work for 2 weeks pending further surgery. :eek: 2 weeks - signed off!! eeekkk!!

So I have been feeling like someone has punched me in the back with a fist full of "OUCH!!" and Im trying to stay focused on this wonderful diet, which is hard when I am at home all day and all I can think about is food!
I swear my fridge has begun chanting:
" eat the cheese, eat the god damned cheese Samantha just EAT IT!!" :mad:

So, It started with the Hot Cross BunS incident on Friday (a temporary glitch involving Tesco Finest hot cross bunS , thats buns in the plural not singular :eek: not a couple but several or a few... :( ).
Because of this glitch I was more determined and Saturday I did really well...SSed all day and was very pleased with myself, received a lovely bouquet of roses from my Mum and Dad as an Easter egg substitution which are stunning.
Again yesterday I SSed all day - even refused mums roast Lamb Easter dinner and had my soup like a good girl - but then when I was dropped back at home I made scrambled eggs at 8pm and felt very naughty. So today I woke up and what did I do??!
I had scrambled eggs for breakfast a peanut bar for lunch and chicken, veg and cous cous for dinner tonight?!?! :sigh:
Ok so lets face it - It could have been a million times worse - and although Im not beating myself up over it - Im feeling a teency bit angry with myself! :mad: <<BAD SAMANTHA>>
Still, my CDC must have telepathic powers and texted me a little while ago and I confessed all. She still believes in me so I have cleared out my fridge again - in preparation for tomorrow - the next BIG PUSH! :)

I can do this... I know I can - at least the Buns are gone for another year... :drool:
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Awww Samantha, you are going through it...I cant imagine how painful your back is.
Good luck for tomorrow, you can do it.
Do you know when you will be having your surgery ?


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Hi Samantha

Sorry that you feel so crappy

I too live with permanent pain ~ and I too turn to food when all fails

Dont beat yourself up about it, as you say it could have been worse scrambled eggs chicken cous cous and vegatables ~ could have been big fat roast lamb dinner, banoffee pie and very large easter egg ~ oh sorry I am just fantasing now

You can do it girl ~ if all fails take more painkillers have a bath and go to bed

much luv
Hun, this diet is hard in anyones life, never mind having to cope with pain and paralysis, see how you go in the next few days and let us know x


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I was reading your post and kept thinking BIN THE CHEESE and then got to the end and found that you had so Well done.

Sorry to hear about your back and hope the the operation goes well.


Have a serene day!!
What is it about Cheese, Cave Matured Gruyere from Waitrose 158kcals per 40g did I eat 40g noooo the whole 100g - so you have my full support and encouragement and well done for not going whole hog as one is tempted to do on these occasions. I paid for it mind on Saturday, I ss'd all day coz I felt so crap from the fat/protein toxins.

Sorry to hear you are feeling crap pain again - not good, but we are here to support and any time you need a moan and groan you know where we are.



Must try harder!!
I made it through today!! yippee!!
Im going to have a nice warm bath and then I have saved a little bit of a bar to have with my black tea before snuggling down in bed with a good book.
Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and support. :hug99:
hugs for you all xx


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Cheese calls to me, too. I am vegetarian so the lure is even greater!

Samantha, hang on in there. I am so sorry to hear about your back pain, and the longterm fallout from your injury.

The beautiful bouquet from your parents was a FAB idea, and guilt-free. A choccy egg, though delicious, would have been gone in minutes and just made you feel bad.

I'm SS-ing, it's tougher some days than it is, others, and food is always on my mind. I had to stop buying cheese for a while. Now I keep a little 'for emergencies' cos I can't snack on chicken, and snacking on carbs is unwise...
Hi Samantha!

Oh my gosh...reding your post reminded me of my eating habits!! I do exactly the same apart from when I blow it I do so in BIG style!! So you have done so well to not go completly off track!;)
You know you can do this 100% focus on what you want to look like and how much better you feel when you have been good! I have started re started ect but I have a wedding to be slim for so I just have to do it this time!
I dont know if this would help you but the other day I sat and cut out pictures of lots of curvy, slim celebs I like and stuck them on a piece of card and put it next to my bed.....everytime I wake up it reminds me what I am doing this diet for and what I want to look like at the end of it! It works amazingly!!!!!! Give it a go!
Keep strong honey....I know you can do this!!


Very well done.

I find days 3-5 to be pretty challenging - probably burnout from the stress of the first three days! The longest I've SS-d in recent months is 7 days. I've managed five days days so far this time around. Hope we can both stick it out!

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