Eating 2 bars a day

Discussion in 'Exante - Total Solution 100%' started by Sean344, 7 February 2013 Social URL.

  1. Sean344

    Sean344 Member

    Anyone find eating 2 bars a day kicks you out of ketosis, I've eaten too many of my shakes and I'm left with more bars than I need to eat 1 a day. I've tried to alternate and ony have 2 every 2 days but I checked this morning and I'm no longer in ketosis,
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  3. Le5ley

    Le5ley Full Member

    I've not tried it, but I do think two bars would give you too many carbs.
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  4. harry m

    harry m Gold Member

    Hi, you're not allowed to eat two bars a day hun.
  5. Sean344

    Sean344 Member

    I know that's why I was asking, it's probably the reason I'm not in ketosis but I've got 16 shakes and 32 bars left so I'm struggling what to do, it's only an extra 3 grams of carbs so I didn't think it would make any difference.
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  6. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  7. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    I always have two bars a day and it does not appear to affect my weight loss, but every one is different x
  8. Shediver

    Shediver Full Member

    It just says it best not to have more then one Bar a day a more cals in them but doesn't say your NOT allowed
  9. harry m

    harry m Gold Member

    I m on exante forum and someone asked exante the same question and the reply was two bars are NOT ALLOWED
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  10. mrsblobby38

    mrsblobby38 Silver Member

    Yep Harry you are right 1 bar only per day , I try to stick to shakes and soups as much as possible and keep barsin my bag for emergency as last time I did this diet I was losing 3lb a week if I had a bar everyday and 5lb a week if I stuck to shakes and soups xxx

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