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Attack Eating a LOT!

Ok, I either need some reassurance or a bit of a stern word as I feel as though I'm eating too much and am a bit worried that I'm not getting this thing right.

Yesterday I definitely didn't eat enough so was scrambling eggs at 7am this morning as I felt so light headed but today feels the opposite of yesterday. I feel really full and quite sick (think that's the smoked mackerel) but my question really is how easy is it to go overboard with this diet? Particularly on Attack and Cruise - how much is too much protein?

Protein wise today I've eaten:

2 full eggs & an extra white
4 small smoked mackerel (gag)
1 small pack of smoked salmon
1 pack of mussels

Just writing that down makes it seem like too much. What do you think?
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It's certainly not too much protein (for your current weight), but a packet of mussels would bore me to death, and the mackeral and smoked salmon are rather gag worthy eaten in quantity.

Check out out recipe section and get COOKING... it's amazing what you can produce in the way of tasty meals, even on attack. Use your oatbran (where is yours?) to create something tasty.

Attack "your way" is rather boring and I too would feel sick eating what you have!

Sorry but check out other people's PP menus perhaps too in the menu thread for ideas.
Best to limit the smoked fish - not every day - it's very salty. Apart from your body not needing the extra salt - your kidneys have to work harder and they're under enough strain processing all the extra protein - you'll probably retain water and not see a loss on the scales.
Thanks for the advice. To be honest I don't think I'm going to want to eat the smoked mackerel again for a while lol. Maintainer, I agree totally with what you say about the cooking - I've merely had a tough couple of days with a sick toddler & didn't have the energy to do any separate cooking for myself :(
I weighed this morning & lost 3lbs in 2 days so have now moved over to Cruise so having my first PV day today. Just had a lovely chicken curry dish - am stuffed.
Reassuring to know I'm doing ok with the protein amount, it feels like such a lot but I guess that's the beauty of the diet :)

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I was exactly the same with smoked mackerel, had it on day 2 of attack and felt very queasy after! Expect it'd be much better with some crisp salad etc to cut through the richness.

Well done on the loss and sticking with it with an ill little one at home. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

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