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Eating at night

Hi all, just joined MiniMins today! I have no problem sticking to the plan but my hubby said that it cant be good eating my syns at night-is this right? the thing is I work nights-am allowed to sleep between 11pm-5.45am, but find it hard to sleep so I read from 11-12. This is the time I crave sweet and savoury things like choc and crisps,of which there is plenty in work :sigh:. I have 3 ryvita and 3 laughing cow extra lights as by HE a and b choice (or a bag of rivita minis as HE b choice) and have either 2 mint penguins/blue riband/club bars as my syns as 5.5 syns each. My hubby thinks that by eating this much at night I am making my weightloss slower and I should eat these during the day when I can burn them off :(. Is he right? I like keeping my treats until then as I can look forward to them in the eve and because you can eat well during the day, I dont get hunger pangs which would normally have me reaching for the biscuits and the rest of the junk I like!
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Hiya! I don't believe it makes any difference when you have your treats!;) If it works for you, hun, and keeps you outta the biscuit barrel then surely that's the main thing? I always save treats up for later so as i've got something to look forward to - don't seem to recall it ever affecting my weight loss!!

Good luck!:p


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On average (depending on size) we burn 350 calories during a night's sleep, that would more than cover your ryvitas and 2 small biscuits. I would agree with your OH if you were having all your syns with a chow mein late at night all the time or other large quantities as it's hard for your body to rest properly with a lot of digesting to get through. The little amount you're having shouldn't cause any problems, I'd only look to change that if it makes you feel unwell or you stall with your losses x
Thank you all so much.I dont eat a meal with them, just have those treats and in a way I think its my reward for staying away from the kids chocs and biscuits as well as all the cakes, crisps and biscuits they have in work, which was why my weight ballooned so much in the first place!! Will keep an eye on my weight and if it does change then I will cut it down.


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my group leader told us that it doesnt matter what time of day you eat or night for that matter,so eat when you need to,eat when you are hungry not because its a habit to have chocolate when at work
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There was a big news thing recently dispelling urban myths surrounding food - it said it doesn't matter what time you eat, lateness isn't worse than eating in the morning....so eat away!!!


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I regularly eat my big evening meal very late - sometimes as late as 11pm, believe it or not. I've always been like that, it's my natural pattern and I don't see any reason to change it. It doesn't seem to have affected my weight loss at all. :)
I eat most of my syns at night, in fact, most of my food is eaten during the evening!! I have a big tea and then supper and syns all from about 7pm! Only change if it affects your losses.
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I finish work at 9pm every night so don't get my tea until around 10pm so I have that and my syns then!! If I had my syns in the day I would probably be tempted to have something after my tea as well! I think its just down to personal preference xx
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Got to agree with majority doesnt matter what time of day you eat its 24hrs whichever way you look at it.I have a cooked brekkie and save my weetabix and banana for supper,fills my tum nice and warm for the night.never lose less than 1lb and only put 3 1/2lb on at xmas first time in 6 months!


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Time of day makes no difference - losing weight is about calories in v energy used, time of dy is irrelevant.
The reason we are told not to eat late at night is becase if we go to sleep straight after, we are asking our bodies to start and do the digestive process while also asking it to shut down for sleep so your sleep may be disturbed or your digestion difficult, hence indigestion in bed for some people, sluggish in morning, maybe bloated. But if it works for you, I don't think your weight losses will be slower because of it.

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