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Eating enough??

I been doing SW for near 4 weeks now, the thing is my appetite seems to have disapeared in this last week, ive read numerous posts on here telling people they arnt eating enough, this week i dont seem to have eaten as much as i did in the first 3 weeks, I had my brekkie this morn about 9.30 and im not even hungry, but have just eaten a quorn burger on some ww bread just because i think if i dont eat i wont lose or STS, now my question is, should i still eat if im not feeling hungry?? Or just leave it??
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Thanks Kristen, just ive seen so many posts with people telling someone they arnt eating enough..so was a little worried
I completely agree with Kristin. If you aren't hungry, don't eat. I also agree that it's great that you know when you aren't hungry. Eating for the sake of it is why we get overweight in the first place.
Don't worry about not eating enough. Everyone is different and I've always found that the less I eat, the more I lose (funny that ;))
The idea of your body going into starvation mode doesn't really kick in until people eat VERY few calories for a prolonged length of time.( that's according to a nutritionist that I have spoken to)


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I totally agree with Kristin and Eternity.
If you are not hungry, there is no point in eating. Your body does know.
I've got Paul McKenna's book "I can make you thin" and he has some brilliant advice there.
He states that too many people are programmed to eat 3 meals a day. He says eat when you are hungry and not because it's time for a regular meal. It's a bit difficult when you are planning meals around family, but it's true. As soon as you are hungry, eat!
He also states people can put on by not eating enough. We already know that but that's where so many starvation diets go wrong.
Eat when you are hungry, eat slowly and enjoy, and follow SW plan and you can only be a "loser".
If anyone can get hold of the book, it's good. It has a lot of logic n it.
Good luck!


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Since I have started SW I have found I don't want to eat so much either, but I make sure that what I do eat is within plan, that I have my HEX, syns, etc., and should be alright.

As has been said, if you are not hungry don't force yourself.

Off to find my Paul McKenna book now.

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