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Eating just before bed


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snap!!! i have just had two weetabix and milk too as my hex's.i always tend to eat late, so i have been saving my weetabi for later in the evening so i dont snack on alsorts. it hasnt affected my weight loss so far but i not sure whether it any good for you eating late .


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I don't finish work until 9pm and I don't get in until gone 9:30pm!

By the time I've sorted things out and fed the cats and stuffs I'm looking at eating anywhere between 10pm and 10:30pm. Then normally it's off to bed between midnight-1am.



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I dont think you should go to sleep on a heavy full meal but weetabix or a snack of fruit then why not. Just had an apple and some more mango :D. Nothing wrong with having some supper. If i have a hexb left for the day i'll have weetabix before bed warm too. Good for helping you sleep too.


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mmmmm thats a good idea to have it warm. i started off by having my weetabix in the morning but wasnt really seeing any benefit from it whereas if i have eggs or some sort of free food in morn and save weetabix till later on that evening it stops me wanting allsorts and keeps me on track.


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I think a big meal might sit heavy and make you feel uncomfortable in bed, but cereal or a smaller meal seems like a good plan if you're hungry and have the HEs left to use. I like to have a cup of tea (or an options if feeling indulgent!) and a fibre plus bar - feels very decadent!


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I always try not to eat a huge meal right before bed, but if you're hungry before bed and don't eat something then you're probably going to wake up absolutely starving (or is that just me?!). I've snacked many a time before bed, and it doesn't seem to do any harm!


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Cereal is actually a good thing to have if you are going to eat late at night - I seem to remember hearing that ithelps you sleep


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If its not affecting your weight loss i wouldn't worry about it. Like someone else said if you go to bed hungry you'll wake up starving and might eat anything then.
I'm a night worker so eat through the night (which again is supposed to effect weightloss) but if you stick to the diet it does work no matter what time you eat.


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I can't go to bed hungry as it affects my sleep, I usually have a hot choc as I use my hebs for breakfast and dinner, but if you've not used them by bedtime then it seems a shame to waste them!


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i eat when im hungry - whatever time it is!!
i dont believe in all this dont eat after a certain time etc.
i often take my syns in the form of treat size choc up to bed with and enjoy as i read a little before going to sleep.


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I try not to eat late at night as I don't like the idea of taking in calories that won't be burnt off very much.

Saying that I did have a curly wurly before bed last night. I had planned to eat it earlier but my 2 yr old was still awake and I didn't want him stealing it!:D


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This is taken from the Net Doctors site:


Food eaten late at night is more fattening.


Many diets tell you not to eat after a certain time in the evening. They say the body will store more fat because it is not burned off with any activity.
A study at the Dunn Nutrition Centre in Cambridge suggests otherwise.
Volunteers were placed in a whole body calorimeter, which measures calories burned and stored.
They were fed with a large lunch and small evening meal for one test period, then a small lunch and large evening meal during a second test period.
The results revealed the large meal eaten late at night did not make the body store more fat.
It's not when you eat that's important, but the total amount you consume in a 24-hour period.
Lyndel Costain adds: 'It is true that people who skip meals during the day, then eat loads in the evening are more likely to be overweight than those who eat regularly throughout the day.
'This may be because eating regular meals helps people regulate their appetite and overall food intake.'


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Well from my own personal experience if I go to bed hungry I either get up in the night and raid the cupboard for biscuits or pig out the next day so if I'm hungry at bed time I have a snack..yoghurt or fruit or alpen lights usually but that sees me through to morning :)


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Just to add to my answer...not eating when you are hungry to me smacks of a faddy diet....that's not something I am prepared to ever do again so if I'm hungry I eat...simple as that :)

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So there we have it, I have my main meal at night like most people and do get the munchies then. I am OK during the day, but come 5 ish I am thinking, hmmm what have I got in the fridge and fruit bowl. Everyone is different,just enjoy your food and dont feel guilty about when you eat.