Eating meals whilst on exante


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Hi everyone :)
Looking for some advice, I don't want people knowing I am doing exante.
But we've got friends and family coming for a meals this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I really want to do TS but can't not eat in front of them.
Sunday I'm doing a roast, would I be ok to just eat a small slice of turkey and a few vegetables? If that's ok should I still eat 3 replacements or only two?

But Saturday I am doing lasagne and chips. All carbs! So not sure how to get around that one. I'm thinking of (truthfully ;) ) saying I'm on a carb free diet and eating a small portion of mince in the sauce (which I'll set aside before assembling the lasange) and a salad.

Will doing this before I've reach ketosis be OK? (Starting the diet Friday) or do you think it might be better to just wait until Monday to start? That said I don't want to always be saying 'I'll start tomorrow...' and never do!

What would you do?
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I'd say keep turkey for yourself for the sunday, and just have it with a small amount if green veg, Ketogenic veg and eat the same on the sunday, you have to have your 3 shakes and the same amount of water.. Just tell them your on a carb free diet... and thats what you were told to eat.. I find mince can be high in fat.. and the tomato sauces can have citric acid in them.. so the sause wouldn't do you any favours getting into ketosis.. Best of luck with the meals.. and if all else fails tell the truth.. that your on the shakes but can eat a meal in the evening..


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Thanks for replying :)
I'm not cooking the turkey until sunday and need a meal for Saturday night. I might have to stick to a salad instead Saturday?
I'll look up the veg I can eat whilst in.ketosis now :D

Blue Butterfly

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Try quorn mince as quorn stuff is very low in fat, the mince is really nice (I'm a veggie so have been eating it for years)
Do you have exante soups? If so you can make a sauce for the mince out of a soup pack.
Veg that are ok to eat and stay in ketosis are green ones.
Tomatoes are a no-no so the sauce in a lasagne would not be allowed, it will kick you out of ketosis.


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I would be using quorn mince anyway as that's what we have :)
So I could maybe have quorn mince with a tomato and basil soup as a sauce? That's good to know thank you :D

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Ah ok, sorry I didn't know you already use quorn. It's good stuff!

Yep you can use any of the flavours of the exante soups to make a sauce. Just make it a little thicker than normal I guess so it's not too runny.
The tomato and basil one on mince I bet will be quite nice.
I've not tried it myself but there are lots of people on here/in the other vlcd sections that do it.


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Sorry I didn't say i would use quorn so my fault lol!

I don't want to do it often but also don't want people knowing what I am doing, especially not before there are visible results!

Ok so I'm starting tomorrow :/ wish me luck! So excited!


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i've found, in my own case, that as long as i have a small portion and nothing too carby (chips etc) that i'm ok and stay in ketosis. everyone is different though. If i have a meal i can't avoid, i have a shake in the morn, bar or shake at lunch, then at the meal - the protein, any veg and try and avoid the carb and then make sure i go for a long walk or jog and i'm good :)

Ketogenic diets are used by bodybuilders and they go high protein, high fat. Just do your best, don't go overvoard and have a small portion and i recon you should be fine. Don't worry about it too much!

Good luck!


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Play mind games, serve yourself what looks like the same as them. Of mostly mince and a couple slices of lasanga sheets, a small portion of bread put the lasanga between your bread and them. Eat slowly, chat a bit. Say nothing about any sort of diet and leave most of what isn't allowed lol. They prob won't even notice. If you don't eat a lot of.carbs you will be fine, maybe jus a slightly less weight loss. Don't have a bar that day, have shakes only as this allows more carbs for your meal.

Hope this makes any sort of sense lol x
like the others have said you could try and low carb and not do too much damage ... if it was me , to be honest , I would wait till monday to start . I know that on day 2 if faced with the fact I had to eat I would blow it and then feel guilty .... I would do so much better to enjoy the weekend and have a good start on monday . I find I have to have a good , 100 % start to get me onto a VLCD and could not do it knowing I had to eat on day 2 ....your decision and good luck :)


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Well the sister in law isn't coming on Sunday now so that's helped. Only Saturday to worry about. I'm so siked ready to start I will start tomorrow and Saturday I'll just say i on a carb free diet and have a tiny portion of quorn mince and soup.

Thank you all for your advice!
I can do it lol!