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Eating meat


Me as I want to look xxx

I think there is confusion with the Atkins, where the principles are similar. The thing is if you get a 'taste' for it then that will grow (I know too well). Whilst you are on the shake your taste buds etc change, and the ketones attatch to the hunger receptors in your brain to stop hunger, so don't ruin it, please for your own sake as the diet does work 100% if sole sourcing only. I made the mistake of eating and staying in ketosis a couple of times then got cocky, now I am nearly back to stage one!!!

Love Merlin XXX
Thank you for clearing that up for me. Right its 100% shakes for me for the duration. Dont want to mess things up now as i really need to see some progress.

I also tried this, I got so desperate for food one Sunday I went and bought a pack of turkey - had one slice ... quickly followed by the rest of the packet :rolleyes: sure enough I stayed in ketosis but turkey/ham/beef etc all have calories in even if they don't have carbohydrates in. When I checked my turkey it had more calories in the pack than 2 shakes so kinda defeats the object of a VLCD :rolleyes:
I don't eat anymore and I feel stronger and prouder of myself for it.

Nicola x
Yep im afraid Im guilty of this too. I have had a cicken breast done on the bbq before but although it was nice at the time it just makes you feel bad. You are better off just avoiding it all !!


Back on the wagon!
Me too.....I did eat meat and veggies while on holidays....it didnt effect my ketosis however I didnt loose as much those weeks....about half of what I did when I stuck to the diet 100% so that is motivation not to pick!!!


Back on the wagon!
dont start picking ....its a vicious circle if you do
Hi Sam...you are so right....it just brings you back to square one but so easy to get into......

How are you by the way? Good to see you still here....hope you love life on track....see Sonkie's mood is "In Love" .....its great to see she is soooooo happy...

Did you start SSing last week?


Back on the wagon!
he he he..caught out...soo delighted for you...you have had a tough time last few months and you so deserve some real happiness...enjoy its an amazing feeling.....(((((hugs)))))

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