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  1. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    Strange thing to ask im sure, but I know it will help me focus. I have 21lb till reach my goal. Hoping to reach that in next two months. I will then have 4 months till my wedding to maintain.

    What I want to know is when I am at my target weight could I have a day off and eat what I want? Then get back to cd to maintain. Would I put much on in one day? I would have 4 months to lose, would I have to start ss again or carry on as I have been then, prob having aam??

    Its just if I know I can have all the things I wish I could eat now in one day when reached target it will motivate me more, do you know what I mean?

    Any way an update why im on here too. Im on day 10 today and dont feel too good. Think its cos I went to work for 2 hours at 5.30!! after 5 hours sleep, then I got back into bed at 8.30 till 1.

    Thanks in advance for ur advice, hope your all ok xx
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    If you want. Personally, I have every day off :D

    Really depends how much you overeat. 3,500 cals equals one pound.

    Yes. I understand. Nothing is off limits when you reach goal, you just need to be sensible. There is a price to pay for any overeating. It depends whether it's worth paying the price IYKWIM.

    I eat what I want. Most of the time it's healthy fare...sometimes I eat more of the 'unhealthy' stuff, but I try not to make a habit of it as it can lead to a full on binge:eek:

    Ouch. Hope you feel rested soon. Early night tonight eh?
  4. unreal83

    unreal83 Want to be a yummy mummy!

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    Hello November Bride.

    I found it quite a interesting and good point that you made, that it would motivate you more if you knew you could reward yourself when you reach goal, by having whatever u want for one day. To be honest - do u know what? Dont do it for a day. Do it for a week. Have a great week, eating loads of yummy food - maybe not all unhealthy but you could plan to try out some recipies that you may have seen and even plan a dinner party - that way you will look forward to your holiday week off of CD and then plan to maintain after that. To be honest, it will be great having a week off but i bet by the end of it you will be ready to get back to healthy eating as u may feel sluggish and full - u know?

    I think if u do it for only 1 day its not enough to treat yourself if u are going to hardcore maintain afterwards - you may start to pick on some days (which u may do after a week anyway but less chance i reckon) as u wont have fulfilled your cravings on just 1 day!

    I bet, anyway, whatever u want to eat it wont taste as

    Enjoy it! x
  5. d4n13773

    d4n13773 Full Member

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    Slimming World (my way!)
    I think this is the theory behind the Johnson upday/down day diet :confused: (which has a thread on here) That you eat what you want one day and then half as many cals the next. You might find this hard though as CD puts you in ketosis so you don't feel hungry, but after a blow out, your stomach will be expecting more.

    I wondered about doing Slimming world or WW and saving up syns/points each week for a treat day?
  6. fingers crossed

    fingers crossed Silver Member

    When I stopped CD I didn't go up the stages. Had some indulgent days but on the whole counted calories. Lost an average of 1/2 stone a month so its certainly do-able. I guess you just need to eat only when you're hungry & mainly make good choices to balance out any days of excess.
  7. Dutch

    Dutch Goodbye Tum

    I've found that my 'treat' since reaching target has been within the step I've been on and I'm now in my second week of 1500 and a 'treat' for me is either a skinny cow mint choc ice cream which is 100 cals and I have it as my 100 cal treat but, something I find a real treat is my breakfast, I love it, it's healthy, colourful and very very yummy, I have half an apple, a kiwi, five prunes, two tablespoons of low fat plain yog, two flat tablespoons of no sugar musli and a huge coffee, makes me smile just thinking about it.

    I've tried really hard to change my 'treats' from a bag of those lovely big biscuits or a whole big bar of chocolate etc to something within my cals and something good for me. I strongly feel that without changing the way you view food you could easily slip into the way we ate before. I now constantly remind myself that food is fuel, although we should really enjoy it, we eat for a reason, that being to give us energy to do things we enjoy. I am in these early days constantly checking that I am hungry and feeling like I need a meal and I still even say 'STOP' out loud if I try to overmeasure or reach for the prune tin for 'just one extra'. Sorry to preach but maybe something good can come of my warblings xx
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    so true....which is probably why I all my days are 'days off'. I am just as happy with the healthy stuff fact, often more so.
  9. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Hi all, thanks so much for replying. I have only be going 10 days, but it really does make u realise how much u ate before that u didnt need. I am hopeful that when i do eat again that i will be retrained and know that i only need minimal amounts etc. I ate quite healthy before but did induldge too much, and portions were still too big even if were healthy. I generally did say to myself just have an indulge at the weekend and be good all week. That motivates u, to know u have lovely food to look forward to at the weekend. (just always over did it!!)

    But yes unreal83 i know it will be strange eating again, i havent craved anything at all yet. I have thought oh i could eat that when my fiancee eats his dinner. But i wouldnt know what to eat if i could right now.

    I now know i can live on smaller portions. I am so pleased with the cd it is a real learning curve. I will maintain this weight once its off. But deffo gonna have a treat day or too once reached goal, oh and had final dress fitting! But yeah like you say Dutch i prob will want all tropical fruit etc as they are so yummy, i miss my pinapple, yogurt and ryvita breakfasts. So that will be first on my list. And dinner would prob be a big fat jacket spud with chicken and salad.

    Then i will know i will have the motivation to keep maintaining as have to fit into my dress ha ha

    Just had bath KD and feeling heaps better, nearly time for my final shake then early night.

    Thanks again all x
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