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Eating Out Guide - do you trust it????

Do you trust/use the Eating Out Guide a lot for points values??

I just wondered - because I find it really hard to trust that it's right :confused:

We went out for a meal today - I had fish and chips and a side order of garlic bread. Now according the eating out guide, that works out at 18pts, which doesn't seem enough to me at all! It was a huge piece of fish and now I'm worried that I've blown my diet for the week :(

I only at 1/4 of the garlic bread and 3/4 of the fish and chips, so according to the EOG that's just 12pts. 12pts reeeeeally doesn't seem enough to me.

What do you all think about the EOG and how it points things??

I'm just curious really - interested to know everyone else's thoughts on it.
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I dont trust it at all! Sandy just laughed at me when I told her how concerned I was!! lol! The chinese is the same! how can chicken and pineapple be 3 points when pineapple isnt free and there is LOADS of chicken!! I dont get it!!
Suppose you have to trust tho and I seem to be losing weight quite constantly touch wood and I eat out a lot!
I do trust it because on many occassions its all we've got to go on and so is better than nothing , but the points value for chips for example is for an average portion, and portions vary hugely from plaice to plaice (pardon the pun) . i know in some case it gives weight but who's gonna get their scales out in the middle of macdonalds ??
I agree that fast food places such as McDonalds or KFC are probably pretty accurate, because their foods are pretty much the same wherever you go - but things like restaurants, fish & chips, chinese etc - I just find it really hard to trust! The garlic bread that came with my meal was massive - it was a huge piece of bread, cut in half with garlic butter, but the bread itself was bigger than 2 slices of normal thick cut bread, so how can it have been just 4.5pts?! It makes me really nervous to have to use the EOG for things like that.

McDonalds etc seems much more realistic with points too, because it's actually quite high in points - as you'd expect. But fish & chips etc just don't seem high enough in points for the quantity (and grease!) you get with it.....

I keep thinking that I'll just avoid eating out, but it's never gonna happen - we are big fans of meals out and takeaways in this house, so it's unlikely we'll ever stop having them, haha. I suppose the scales will tell on Monday - if I've lost weight with a meal out using the EOG, then it must be right....right?
I think the term "average portion" has a lot to answer for - in the EOG and in life in general - I mean, what is average....;)

With any of the chains - we are totally safe as they are portion controlled for us and will be the same time after time after time. Its the independents that are significantly more tricky. I think we just have to apply a degree of "common sense" to it all. We pretty much know what an average portion looks like so if we are eating more than that then we need to point it up accordingly to be on the safe side.

The garlic bread did sound a little on the large side to me to be honest :eek: I reckon a pizza hut sized portion would be considered "average"

Chippy stuff is not that bad because the chips are fat and therefore actually absorb less fat that the likes of McD's chips - its about surface area apparently...so the scientist in my house have assured me!!

As a last thought...if Sandy trusts it (and she takes it everywhere and is losing weight brilliantly) then who are we to be sceptical!!


Don't worry, be happy :)
Chippy stuff is not that bad because the chips are fat and therefore actually absorb less fat that the likes of McD's chips - its about surface area apparently...so the scientist in my house have assured me!!
This is exactly what i was about to say, its true though, if you look at the chunky chips from mcdonald i think they are about 5 points whereas a regular is 5.5. In some cases i think its just generally that the sat fat is lower and therefore makes the points a little lower, all to do with the formula.
I still can't believe I can get away with eating 4 slices of dominoes pizza with 1/2 a dip for about 11points, but a few weeks ago ate it twice in one week and lost 2lbs, my best loss since starting ww.

Sorry for rambling, I guess its as Rosie said just have a bit of common sense regarding what an 'average' portion size may be and you'll be fine. x
yeh I often think 2 myself what is the average portion when it comes to the chippy.I think mcds is right but hey y worry if u r still lossing lbs :D

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