Eating out - indian...


love it
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i have a starter and a side dish on the same plate, looks lika a full meal for a fraction of the points, piching a spoon full of my hubbys rice can do it for around 12 points

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Hi there.

Any of the dry dishes are not too bad - chicken tikka or chicken shashlik - avoid naan bread etc like the plague though or anything with a creamy sauce.

The indian restaurant by me will also do curries very low fat (not using Ghee) if you ask them.

Vegetable curry cooked with little fat will be less bad too.

Chinese is easily the best points option - but I am sure someone with an eating out guide can give you accurate points.

Have a great birthday.


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Thanks ladies. I wish I liked chinese food ;) I've got 3 birthday meals planned - methinks this is going to be a tough week..but I'll do it :D


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tandoori chicken is quite nice.. or balti dahl.. why dont you just save some points during the week, or just have low point breakfast / lunches.. and if you go over, you go over but at least you have made a conscious decision to limit your food :)