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Hi everyone, I'm in my 2nd week of slimming world, lost 4lb in first week! But now I'm away with work until next Friday, I'm in a hotel and need to eat out for lunch and tea!! Can't cook anything and the hotel's healthiest meal is chicken caesar salad which will be ok one night but otherwise what is best to have? Options will be Italian, Indian, Chinese & a kettle in the hotel room!! I will try and buy a salad, jacket potato or healthy brown sandwich for lunch but don't want eat salad every meal as I'm working long hours and won't survive in just salad!!
Breakfast at hotel will be fruit and yoghurt so that's sorted!!

Thanks for any help!! x
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Oh me 2 I'm goin away this weekend too for hubby's birthday was thinking same as u for brekie but lost after that :(


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Circes said:

Thanks for those! I'm thinking now of having a bigger breakfast including bacon if they will grill it and not have as much for lunch, I've got scan bran with me so I might try that with cheese triangles or something like that with fruit and yoghurt and stick to chicken, steak and jacket potato in the evening! Well fingers crossed for the next few days and I also muss wi so got to wait til a week on wednesday to see what damage I've done!! Thanks again x x