Eating out


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Hello all,

I was trying to find what the best place to et out is but in the pro points section there doesn't seem to be a good eating out bit, it is jut queries about random places so I thought I would make a thread.
As I need to know what the lowest options are for when you eat out.

Any ideas people?
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Gina G

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I find it best to go somewhere where you have a choice of different foods so you can choose something sensible ( like a brasserie) BUT IF I have to have a carb hit then Pizza Express are a good choice as one of their Leggera Pizzas is between 12 to 15 pro points and a BOTTLE of their Leggera wine (red or white) is c 14 pints as opposed to the normal 18. Other pizza places don't do this lighter option. If I'm going out and know where I'm going, I'll look at the menu online in advance and then search minimins/the net for the pro point value of the food I'm most likely to have- like moules, or fishcake salad etc. I went out yesterday for lunch and my friend wanted to go to the Gourmet Burger so I didn't have much choice but at least I could find the points value in a "Wellington Burger" at c25 and half a portion of chunky chips at 4. Lots of fruit salad for the next few days so I can have red wine at a party I'm going to on Saturday then!


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Any ideas to what to eat when out in restaurants and pubs that arent listed in the book - independent pubs and little restauants etc. What in generally is good - meat, fish, veggie? What to avoid, sauce wise? Potatoes?


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I'm on my 3rd week and finding it hard to go out without feeling bad. So I borrowed the eat-out WW book and took note of all the food that I'd normally eat when out, and sent it to myself in a email, so I don't have to bring anything with me, it's just on my phone!

Spring Rolls (9 each)
Mushroom Chow Mein (6)
Sweet & Sour Chicken (13)
Vegetable Curry (8)
Kung Pao Chicken whole dish (9)
Plain Boiled Rice (12)

Popia Tod Spring Rolls (4)
Ka-Nom-Jeep Thai Dumplings (1)
Pad Thai with Chicken (24)

Fish & Chips
Cod in batter with Chips (22)

Burger King
Chicken Bites (8)
Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich (5)
Cheese burger (8)
Onion Rings…13,19,26
Ketchup …0
Sweet Chilli….3

Fillet Burger (12)
Zinger Burger (13)
Toasted Salsa Twister (14)
Coleslaw reg 4; large 8
Popcorn Chicken (8)
Reg fries 7, 10

Big Mac (13)
Cheese burger (8)
McChicken Sandwich (10)
6 Nuggets (7)
Dips 1

Ham (7)

Tagliatelle with mushrooms (17)
Pototao Gnocchi (15)
Risotto with mushroom (15)

Texas BBQ (5)
Potatoe Wedges (4)
Meat lovers (6)

Chicken Breast fillet pitta (11)
Corn on the Cob (5)
Chips (9)

Bulmers Light...3

Coors light… 4