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'Eating' out


Am going on a big night out in London tonight and its looking increasingly like I may be going out to dinner first. The whole people eating round me really doesn't bother me - it seems to bother other people much more. I am however unsure what to do while everyone's eating! Do I just sit there with my water or do I get the restaurant to make my soup? Would a restaurant be willing to make my soup for me being as they won't make any money out of it?

Advice anyone please? (eating is not an option by the way - I have my first development group next week and I haven't eaten ANYTHING so far and plan to stay abstinent for a long time yet!)

MM x
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Ask them to make the soup as by telling them that you really don't want to feel out of place and ask them to bring it out on the main course . You can only ask


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Early on in this diet I went for a birhday meal with my husband & some friends. When I booked the table I explained to the owner/chef that altho it was a table for 4, only 3 would be eating and was that OK? He was really helpful, and offered (if I wanted ) to cook anything, any way I wanted if that would help. I explained that eating wasnt an option at all, but that I would be drinking black coffee & perrier, and he was fie with that. I sat through the meal, quite happy, enjoying all the delicious smells (& high on caffeine!!), and there was no problem.

The others had a meal that they enjoyed so much, that once I start management, I fuly intend to return and have the guy cook me a "legal" management meal. Fresh fish, or grilled chicken & green salad, whatever!!

I know not all restaurants are the same, but a quick explanation migt wonrk wonders & you coud be surprised at the outcome!!

Have fun!!
I would ask them to blend your soup for you and offer them say, a fiver, for the fact that you are occupying a space so they are technically losing a customer's money.

I think it is great that you have decided not to eat but still go and enjoy the evening with your friends. I think I could do that easily but my friends all seem to have a terrific problem with it and so my answer has been not to bother going out with them which is a real shame. Just the cinema for me I'm afraid until I'm down to target.

Well done on being so strong!!! I have eaten out a good few times and the restaurant has been happy to make up my soup for me.

Maybe call the restaurant in advance to explain.... They are usually fine!!

Thanks guys - have just found out I'm going to a Vietnamese (sp?) restaurant so ironically even if I was eating 'real' food - being the picky eater I am, I probably wouldn't have liked anything anyway! I did phone the restaurant to see if they would make my soup for me but the girl didn't understand me or what I wanted so no go on that idea!
I'm sure it will be fine - am really worried/nervous but thats just because its the first time I've been out properly and stayed at someone elses house since I started in July - I'm sure no one will notice if I just sit there with water - its just my paranoia that makes me think everyone is looking at me and judging!
Its taken me a week to decide what to wear - had to buy all new stuff 'cos nothing fits anymore but I'm still worried I'm going to look rubbish!

MM x
I have to go out for a meal tomorrow night and I'm going to take a bar with me. It actually never occurred to me that I might have a problem, until I read this thread :eek:

Eating is definitely not an option for me either. so I'm just going to eat my bar, drink lots of water and let everyone else enjoy their dinner. :D
Hi Sussexgirl

I have been out with friends for a meal a couple of times and I also went to a wedding in the first week of Lighterlife. I have found the restaurants really helpful. I have phoned them before I go and they have made my shake for me and brought it out at the same time as they have served everyone else. Once I just said no thank you I am not eating and the staff didnt question it at all. I drank plenty of water, had a black coffee and a few times ate my bars.

I always find that I talk so much I wonder how I ever found time to eat a meal too :).

People who didnt know why I was'nt eating asked me and were fascinated when I told them. I have gone home feeling really virtuous and flush with the success of staying abstinent without any problems at all.

Hope you have a lovely night when you go out and I bet you will look drop dead georgeous.


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Yup, like the others, I have gone out many a night with friends and family and sat with my coffee, some water and occasionally the odd bar. I have usually found that the staff are more than happy and don't bat an eyelid. I too get the twenty questions from those I am with but usually because they want to know "my big secret" to my success!!! I am sure that by the time you read this you will have had a great night and feel, as Sandra points out, Virtuous!!! Well done!
One of my group, who has a busy social life, had a great idea for restaurants. If people are likely to be unnerved by you sitting there with just water, get a plate and sprinkle salt and pepper on it, stir it around with your finger and every so often lick your finger. It gives you something to do while you talk and a plate to clear away.

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