eating out


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Not really, you just have to be organised. Take a look at menus beforehand and look up syn values where they are available. Also be prepared to ask for things to be done without oil, baked potato for chips, dressing on the side and things like that. And just be sensible avoiding things that are fried, deep fried, creamy or have cheese.

A lot of Wetherspoons products are already listed and all their nutritional info is available on their website. The reggae reggae wrap says it has mayo in it and wraps are generally high in syns (around 10) :(


I have just found that what is conventionally 'good' to be quite high as soon as you start eating out?? Is there an more comprehensive eating out guide available in group?


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Hi eagles not sure if they have an eating out guide at group. If you have access to syns online I think they have some things listed. For pub meals your best off sticking to steak, baked pot and salad with no dressings, the steak will be cooked in oil so you should keep syns for that but it is really difficult to know what your eating. I generally save a few syns a day , keep all my syns on the day I am eating out.


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When im eating out, I tend to have the weatehrspoons sweet chilli Noodle & order the bowl of salad without the dressing 1 syn. Iv not had it, but the healty bean chilli they do is apparantly 1.5 syns. If i dont fancy any of these I have the jacket spud with beans & ask for the dressing to be left off.

I also like the gamon, also ask for this with a jacket spud but I allow myself 2/3 syns for the oil they cook the gammon in.