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Economy Gastronomy!!


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Does anyone watch this? Its a great show on the Good Food channel about how to make the most of your groceries, making it stretch and making all kinds of interesting meals out of the same basic ingredients. Each week they follow a family that is spending way too much on groceries and wastage and teach them how to be more economical with their cooking and grocery shopping. I love it!!

A lot of the recipes aren't really SW friendly but it's packed with lots of tips and tricks for planning your weekly shop and making the most out of it. I've seen lots of posts about how to plan meals and things and this might be helpful.

Here's the BBC link
BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Economy Gastronomy, Episode 6

Recipes, http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/search?q=economy+gastronomy I really love the sound of the poached salmon! Without the buttery hollandaise of course lol. I'm tempted to get the book, just need to figure out how adaptable to SW the recipes are...
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I watched it last night and the family spent £191 per week on the main shop, £60 per week on 'top up' shops and £50 per week on lunch and all she seemed to cook for her and her husband was chicken and rice. They worked out they spent nearly £1500 a month on food, I couldn't believe it lol, that's less than my monthly salary.


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Yeah I watched it first time around. It was unbelievable how much some families spent on food and how much they wasted. i remember at the time it got criticism because they families were so extreme - people felt that the advice wasn't of much value to families who were more 'normal'


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i watched it last year, picked up some good ideas, but, would liked to see people on more normal budgets.:D


Is a crunchy mama!
I know, some of the budgets were crazy lol. can you believe a family spent about £420 a WEEK on groceries!!!!!!!!! It was something like 20 grand a year and they threw out most of it anyway! I think I've really enjoyed this show because I used to be a daily grocery buyer until a few weeks ago when I started planning and shopping for the week, according to a list and I've halved our grocery bill! It's so fun planning and shopping for the week and I feel so good not wasting anything.

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